Saturday, January 30, 2010

Neighborhoods and Dogs Eating in the Livingrooom

I have the song Changes stuck in my head. “Ch-ch-ch-changes, dah dah dah, whatever”

So I am thinking about the changes we have seen in our neighborhood over the past 29 years. The vacant lot is now a street leading to a subdivision in the field and orchard that were behind our house. We used to joke; we were city in the front yard and country in the back. Beyond the field/subdivision is Rickreall Creek. Selene used to play down there in the summer.
One fine summer day, two China Pheasants fought their way from west to east. The loser flew off over the orchard. The winner showed up the next day with his harem. They lived in the field and orchard for 15 years, before the subdivision scared them off. We had a doe show up a few years after the pheasants. She too raised her family along with her daughters’ families until the machinery came in.
The Douglas Fir, Psuedotsuga menziezii, that used to be next to the vacant lot died when the street was put in. The Oregon White Oak, Quercus garryanna, is still living. That is because doug firs are shallow rooted and prone to death when the roots are disturbed. While oaks are deep rooted and not much disturbs them.
The house down the block, across the street, is in the midst of being remolded. When we moved here there had been a room addition upstairs. Now, that ugly ‘70’s add on is gone. The new owners have got an old world look to the little bungalow. We have been through several neighbors in the past 29 years. Norm is the only one who has been here longer than us.
Scott told me it may be another nine to twelve months before we have to move. Seems the foreclosure laws are different now. We may be putting in a vegetable garden again. MMmmmm fresh tomatoes.

Wow! The Duggars Anonymous Forum/ has 38members in just three days! I hope to keep the board going as long as the show is on the air. I want to thank everyone who followed me over from the Voldemort Board. It’s fun to share not only how we feel about the Duggars but also the stories and comments about how the Duggars lives affect our own.

Yesterday, Great-Grandma Pearl's picture on top of the desk fell. I caught it. But the little rocking chairs on the top of the desk fell to the floor. Thankfully no chairs were harmed.
I guess I am a rocking chair collector. I have GG Pearls’ sewing chair, my wooden childhood rocker, the child’s rocker we bought for our niece Amy to use at our house 35 years ago, a bent-twig doll rocker, and a set of doll chairs, one a rocker and the other a Windsor chair. I bought the later two because the Windsor chair reminded of one Mom had. Sister Debbie has it now.
We had fried ham sandwiches and Doritos Nacho Cheese chips for dinner. I am paying for that now. I don’t use much or any salt when I cook because of my high blood pressure. When we have a salty dinner I swell like a toad. I will be drinking lots of water to flush my system over the next couple of days.
Speaking of dinner. The two dogs have room preferences when they eat. Jip is a dining room kind of guy. He won’t eat in the kitchen. Move the bowl three feet into the dining room and he chows down. Rocky, on the other hand, prefers the kitchen.
Duke, Selene’s dog, used to pick up a mouthful of food in the kitchen and take it into the living room to eat.
Not long after Duke’s death, I dog sat Debbie and Robs’ dog, Heidi, while they were on vacation. She wouldn’t eat or drink after they left. It was pretty warm weather and I worried about her. Yes, I brought her food and water into the living room. She happily ate and drank for the next two weeks.

Much to do. And I have to get the chicken out for tonight’s dinner. Later, all.

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