Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Solving Problems

On Sunday, Dear, Darling, Scott finally got the last 4x8 piece of plywood against the northern fence. I have gotten to the point where dragging a piece of 3/8 in plywood is not going to happen. He leaned it up against the fence and Jip found a way behind it. Bark,bark,bark,bark on and on. I was able to get a short piece of 4x4 fence post and prop it against the plywood. Now, it is snug and Jip cannot get back there.
You see the problem is: the northern neighbors have a maltese and a golden retriever. It began with the maltese and Jip barking at each other. Then Rocky joined in occasionally. That riled up the golden. It was cacophony! The dogs scratched at the knots in the fence boards. They would stick their muzzles through the resulting holes and bark more!
When Scott put up a temporary fence to keep the dogs out of the veg garden, it was so pleasant. Then, a possum showed up. (Rocky hates possums. He kills and eats them. Yes, he is up on his shots. I don't find him and the possums any different than cats and mice, rabbits, squirrels, voles, etc. I do hate it when cats kill birds.) Rocky learned to jump the fence. Jip learned to jump the fence. The barking started again. So we took down the temp fence.
Now that there are boards up against the northern fence, I am hoping the barking will stop. Ah but how about the western fence. The western neighbors have a border collie. She doesn't bark. Jip and she play up and down the fence. Jip barks the whole time. I guess I will continue to bring him in whenever he barks at the western fence. I see no need to buy another 50 ft of plywood.

When I went to the TWoP Forum on the Duggars it was closed. Seems we had been bad people; posting too many personal stories. Well, raspberries to them! I started my own Duggars Anonymous Forum and anyone who wants to be polite can post there. I allow personal stories that are relevant to the Duggars and their lifestyle. Ex: I allow stories of premature births, like little Josie Pussycat. Anyway, if you like to talk about the Duggars, just come on by, the coffee’s always hot.

In order to live with disease we make changes to make our lives easier. I have decided my cast iron skillets have to go. They are too heavy for me to lift easily. I have three non-stick fry pans that are lighter and easier to use. So, there is an era gone by. I have used cast iron from the time I was just starting to cook, some 50 years ago. Now is a good to change.
Of course I had to buy new cooking tools. Plastic spoon, slotted spoon, ladle, and pancake flipper. I have to find a plastic whisk now. My stainless tools will be just for show. I may keep the skillets for kitchen d├ęcor, or not. Spaghetti will never taste the same.

Stay away from the computer
     That means I can use the puter while I am resting, then I need to get back to work
Get bread
Personal hygiene
Clean something

Tonight is Breakfast for Dinner

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