Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Windy, Rainy Wednesday

Yesterday Scott stayed home to take me to the pharmacy in Salem. He took a FMLA day. I was so anxious I could not drive. Well, between the anxiety and the lorazapam, I was a real mess.
Anyway we printed out the directions to the pharmacy since we had never been in that part of south Salem. Following the directions, we went to Salem, down Commercial, to Owens which turns into River, looking for Kuebler. About the time we got to Independence we realized that Kuebler and River do not intersect. So back to Commercial, looking for Kuebler we found Skyline. We took Skyline to Kaiser Permanente and guess what? That's right, the corner of Kuebler and Skyline. MapQuest was wrong, they didn't have Skyline and Kuebler intersecting. Anyway, I got my drugs and did not have to change from the Lexapro. The KP doctor left me on it since I had been taking it for so long.

A change of direction.
I have gotten thank you notes from Debjo and Dorthy for Christmas. I appreciate the notes, even if all they got were squash. I did find some dessert/salad plates to go with the dinner plates I gave Dorthy years ago. I will get them to her as soon as I can get moving again.
Rocky is wanting out, just a minute please. He wanted to sniff the breeze and Jip took the time to mark a dead weed in the drive.
I am setting goals for myself everyday. Today, I plan to vacuum and dust the bedroom, change the bedding, wash the dirty bedding. Then, I want to straighten the kitchen and mop the floor. I have decided to get some runner rugs for the kitchen. Hopefully those will reduce dirty, doggy footprints.
Of course let's add personal hygeine to every day. Brush my hair, brush my teeth, and bathe.
Tonight we are having pork chops, mashed potatoes, coleslaw with apple chunks.

Guess I'd better get moving. See you later.

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