Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Waiting for Presciptions

We changed health care providers this year. It means a $4k savings over the last provider. Problem: This is an HMO. I have to change doctors and pharmacies and worst of all, some of my drugs. But, since we are saving towards that coastal retirement house, I will buck up and go with the flow.
Only problem, the drugs are not flowing. It took us until yesterday to get our membership numbers so we could access our care. In the meantime, I ran out of my drugs on Friday. Now, most of the time that would not be a problem. But, for some reason I am so anxious I feel like I have ants crawling all over me. I have found that .5 mg of lorazapam is not enough. So I am taking 1 mg 3x a day. That has calmed me down. I don't think it is helping that I have an intestinal virus. Lots of yogurt and mashed potatoes please.

This also means I have to go with another physician. After 30 years with Bob, I am now going to try a female doctor. Lets hope she's up to the challenge. I will also be seeing a psychiatrist now. Don't know if that will help, but I am willing to try.

Last month I went in for the SSDI exams. I saw a psychologist and an orthopedist on separate Sundays. That means by the end of the month I should hear yea or nay. If nay, I will hire an attorney who will get the sum of ~$450 to help me get ~$300 a month before taxes.

As I was typing this, I smelled poo. Sure enough, Jip used the bedroom. He wanted in and out for over an hour after we got up at 5am. Then, he went to sleep and then he didn't ask to go out. Guess it is raining too hard for him. He got a stern lecture, shown the door and I threw the poo into the lawn! Yeah, that will work.

My left arm is still acting up. Searing white hot pain when I lift somethings, move it wrong, etc. My upper back feels like two sliced pork chop bones rubbing together. Left hip has Mr Bruss Ititis visiting. Both knees keep reminding me about junior high falls that tore the cartledge. AND my head is so oily I have to shampoo nearly everyday. With my lack of personal hygeine that is one big chore.

Scott is up now, so I will take a break.

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