Friday, January 15, 2010

Weird Sleep Patterns

Let's see. Yesterday I slept from about 5am to 1:30pm. I went back to bed after dinner, about 8pm and got up about 1am. It is now 3:34am. I am getting sleepy, but am not ready to sleep. Well, welcome to the world of my strange circadian patterns.

I got the kitchen floor mopped! I fixed dinner, played on the 'puter, read some mail, and began the 3rd season of Dexter.

Since I cannot sleep I have started a new blog, Grandmas' Kitchen. I will publish our favorite recipes. I am hoping to get enough together to publish a cookbook.

Today is Scotts' day off. So my plans are simple. I still need to get dog and cat food, they are almost out. I think we will have Moms' Crappy Homemade Pizza for dinner. Of course, kitchen cleanup is essential every day. I will try to vacuum the livingroom and dining room floors. Along with personal hygeine, that seems just right.

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