Thursday, January 14, 2010


You can't help to to love him. He's all beagely looking and Jack Russell Terrorist acting. He's so happy to see me when I wake, when I come home from errands, when I get out of the shower. He loves to snuggle. And any time he's napping on the heat vent, well it's just too cute for words.
But............he has one big flaw. He poops in the house. Sometimes three times a day. I know why. He goes out whenever he wants. But he gets so excited by the neighbor dogs, I think he forgets to poop. Then, he comes in and cannot control his bowels and voila.
I have tried showing him the poop, picking it up in a tissue, taking him and poop into the yard and dropping it while saying, "Poop in the yard, not the house." It doesn't work. I am at my wits end.

Yesterday I got the bedroom cleaned. It didn't take long. Never does. I also got the TiVo and the answering machine hooked-up to the phone jack. I have a phone hooked-up as well. The ringer is off. I do need to get a longer line for it as the one I have is about two feet short. I'll add it to the shopping list.
I didn't get the kitchen floor mopped, but I did get the kitchen straightened. And did a couple of loads of laundry.
Dinner was tasty. The apples in the coleslaw were pretty, red skins brightened the white/green of the cabbage, and gave a nice, sweet crunch.
I did take a nap. Just couldn't stay awake. And I got my shower!
I couldn't sleep last night. Was up until about five. I slept until 1:30pm today. Now I am groggy, dizzy, and feeling a little squirrely. The dogs have been out four times already in less than an hour. Don't ask me why they don't just stay out. They seem to need to be with me, so it's in and out ad nauseum. Okay, I bring them in whenever Jip barks at the neighbors. Better to do so than to have the animal control bring me a ticket.
Todays' plan: Fix a ham dinner. Ham, squash, leftover coleslaw. Get the kitchen floor mopped. Run to WallyWorld for cat food and dog food. Work on Christmas presents that are not completed yet.
So, I am now going to start on my plan for the day, breakfast first. Au Bientot!

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  1. You wrote, "He's all beagely looking and Jack Russell Terrorist acting." OMG! Your Jip is my Windsor! He even has indoor pooping accidents! He, too, is a Beagle/JRT mixed breed with who has inherited all the bad habits of both breeds!Too funny!

    I stumbled upon your blog in a convoluted way; I started reading TWoP years ago and avidly follow (read: snark)the Duggars.