Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Patch of Blue Thru My Window

The rain clouds have thinned a bit and I can see blue patches. It won't last long as the forecast is for more rain.

Today is Saturday, Scott works from 5am to 2pm. I am hoping he gets one of the jobs he is applying for. He is job searching both within the company and at other companies. I am glad he is seeing his worth.

Yesterday was weird. I slept from 7am to noon. Then I was up until 4am and slept until 11am today. Jip heard me roll over and started whining to go out. So I got up and started my day.
I did get the living room floor vacuumed. Scott folded the clothes. I miss folding clothes. No, really, I like folding clothes, stacking them neatly, and seeing them in drawers and cupboards. But my back just screams when I fold now. The arthritis in my spine causes pain, swelling, and then muscle spasms that follow my ribs around my abdomen. The fun pain is when the spasms get to my gallbladder scar. It's like a whirlpool of painfully tight muscles.

While I was sleeping yesterday, Scott worked on the computer. The internet had gotten so slow it was almost like using dial-up. I couldn't watch movies from Netflix or YouTube. It took him 6 hours to find the root cause, and about 5min to fix it. I really appreciate what he did. I celebrated by watching the first hour of 'Chuck' season premiere!

Oh, I forgot. I ran into Lee and Gary in the Safeway parking lot. Molly has a new son! That makes two girls and a boy for her. I forget what his name is but he is 3mos. We keep saying we need to get together with Amy and catch up. We really need to get together. Lee and Amy are loads of fun and we have lots to catch up. That is where this damn depression really gets to me. I miss friends like them and Helen and Tina and Dale and Kathi and even talking with Glenn and Vern. I want to call everyone and talk; then I get anxious and find I just can't do it. I will try to do it. Until then, Debjo, Peggy, Dad & Dorthy, Lenie, Nate, Lindsay, Kelsey, and Rob are about the only people I talk with.

Goals today: Vacuum the dining room floor. Kitchen cleanup; break down the ham, simmering the bone; make Boston Baked Beans, Boston Brown Bread, Potato Salad for dinner with ham slices. Personal Hygiene!!!!! But first, breakfast.

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