Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am Now on Facebook

Yup, got a Facebook page.  Already have been befriended by several cousins, a niece, and one old best friend!  And YES, I am very anxious about going public with my problems. 

Went outside to get Jip, he was barking at the western neighbor's dog, and the sun felt warm!  The air had a warmer smell to it!  Yeah, only two more months of winter!

Cleaning the dog's room turned out to be less of a chore than I thought it would be.  There were only three giant dust bunnies!  Mopping took like two minutes, and that was time to soak the three areas of cat hairball regurgitation.  Guess I should go in there more often.  Washed the dog's bedding, so it smells better, too.  Fully 1/4 of the room is taken up by the kid's stuff.  No, I take that back.  Fully 1/4 of the room is taken up by Selene and Nate's stuff.  They are nearly 30 years old and that is no longer a kid.  They are rapidly approaching middle-age.  (Yup, that should get a response!)

Bad night in Black Rock.  Couldn't fall asleep until nearly 6 am.  Too much pain.  Jip woke me at noon, he needed to go out.

Today's Goals:
Make grocery list for tomorrow
Get some stock made and have Chicken and Noodles for dinner
Straighten the kitchen  I didn't do dishes last night, just left them in the sink
Vacuum and dust the dining room.

So it's off to get things done.

Later Gator

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