Friday, November 5, 2010

I am Back

Yes.  I am finally back to blogging.

Moving was quite a chore and more disruptive than I thought it would be.  Add to that, I have been hit HARD by IBS and only now getting back to a more normal, normally regular. 

I still haven't got everything unpacked yet.  Hey, it's only been 2.5 months.  I have to get the guest room finished by mid-December because Selene and Lennon will be here for about 2.5 weeks over Christmas and New Years.  (She'll also be staying with her aunt and uncle and granddads as well.)

The cats have settled in.  Max escaped one day.  He made it around the south wing (bedrooms) and froze when he got to the entry window.  I had to rescue him.  He was petrified.  Wolf likes to sneak out the front door and smell the mailbox area, then back into the house for a snuggle.  And, Wolf has been learning the 'stay' command when I open the door.  If you can believe a cat will stay on command.

As for Scott having a shorter commute.  Nope.  He still pulls in at about 7pm.  He finds traffic is a lot slower during his commute times.  We are coming to terms with our shopping.  All the grocery stores are just down the road.  Furthest is Safeway at less than 3 miles.  So our shopping is all on one street!  It's just that the stores are at least 50% bigger than the ones we used to shop at.  And that takes more time. 

It's nice to be back.  I'll write more later!