Saturday, July 31, 2010

What the Hell?

I have been trying to write for so long and nothing of any consequence comes out. I was talking to Selene this am and she suggested I get back to the reason for the blog: My sanity. So here goes some steam of thought.

I called Selene last night and just because she was cleaning a toilet with a pumice stone (made specifically for that reason) and getting the apartment ready to move; I began to sob uncontrollably. It was just ridicules and cathartic at the same time.

I had gotten up from a nap and Scott wasn’t home. It was his day off and he should have been home. So I called him. He was at the store. Needless to say, we needed what he was buying. But I was distraught at his being gone.

I’ve had the ‘sleepies’ for a couple of days and am feeling the stress of the move. I have been taking up to three mg of lorazapam every day. My max limit.

The ‘sleepies’ are over now. I woke feeling refreshed and no memory of visually complex and full story dreams. Back to normal dreams. The reason fibro sufferers have these sleep problems is due to the brain not dropping down into the deepest level of sleep. We stay in the upper regions of sleep. And have especially vibrant dreams with lots and lots of REM time. So there is no rest for the wicked.

There is so much more packing to do. It’s hard. Do I pack the junk drawer now? Wait until the last minute since we use the junk in it? Do I pack the crystal for storage or will I perhaps need it for holidays? If I take it to the apartment where will I store it? There is no built in storage and what I have will not hold most of what I need to store?

Boxes, must stop by the stores and ask for boxes. Get in a supply of good strong tape. Go to the newspaper office and buy an end roll of newsprint to wrap up the breakables.

Get the two cars on Craigslist. Have the truck ready for Craigslist the day after we move. Look at Craigslist for a car for Scott to drive to work. Then I get the Olds.

Okay, that’s enough for today. I have kitchen work, laundry, and getting my art and craft supplies packed into the great-great grandparent’s Wells steamer chest and great-grandpa Charlie’s work chest. Find some boxes in the back room. Get the office ready to hold all we are moving and the back room ready to hold all that is getting sold.

At least the weather is cool and just right for working hard!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

We Are In For Some Heat

Forecast is for 91F Saturday and Sunday.  That means the roads to the Coast will be full of people looking for some relief.  Scott has to work and I plan on cleaning house. 

Selene and Lennon (and Nate too) are back from the Great State of Wyoming!  Where Nate got himself a superfine job.  They are getting ready for the move.  Selene and Lennon will be here for a few days, while she sorts through the last of her belongings stored here.
OMG!  They will be all the way across Oregon, into Idaho, dipping into Utah away from us.  They are settling in the southwest corner of Wyoming.  We will really, really miss them.  I have vowed to get SKYPE!

I took the dogs to the Humane Society.  I had to leave them in the truck, while I filled out the paperwork.  They sat quietly, watching the comings and goings of the parking lot.  When I went out to get them, Jip was asleep while Rocky stood guard. 
We were a circus trying to get into the building.  One or the other wound around me, I was trying to keep them in check and carry their toys and some food in a big bag.  They were angels in the building.  Rocky smiled his wrinkly face off and Jip greeted everyone with a sniff and a wag of the tail.  I pray they get re-homed soon to a loving family.

The two cats, Max and Wolf, will move with us.  Grover is going to Wyoming with Selene et al.  We are prepared for Max to throw a hissy fit and yowl the first night.  After that, he'll just stomp and mew when he finds out he is now an indoor cat, again.
We have a place to move into.  A nice 1050sq ft 2/1 apartment.  We will be moving in around August 18.  My heart is lightened by that.  It is within walking distance to our favorite Mexican restaurant.  Well, it will be after we get into a bit better shape.  And two of my favorite supermarkets are within a 1/4 mile as well.  All of this and the place has virtually no road noise!  Plus, Plus, Plus it is under budget!  Guess I'd better get more boxes lined up.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I apologize for my absence.  My lovely Grandson shared his URI with me.  What should have been a week of miserable has turned into 10 days.  I see small steps towards recovery.  Monday Scott came down with it.  He is just watching old movies while he tries to get better.

In news since the great plague has descended:
  • We suspended Directv.  The Pin Oak, Quercus palustris, has grown so large this year )probably due to the overabundance of rain this spring) that it is blocking the dish receiver.  Since we are moving in a month, there is no reason for us to be shelling out money for a tree trim or dish move right now.  We have upped the Netflix to the eight movies out at a time.  Seems a good deal to fill in the time we won't be watching our usual programs.
  • Nate, Selene, Lennon, and Kukka all are in Wyoming!  A short vacation is leading to a new job for Nate!  They will spend the next month getting ready and leaving for Wy!  Congrats to Nate on scoring a great job for him and his family!
  • The house search goes on.  Most of the houses in our price range are tiny.  Like under 700 sq ft tiny!  That wouldn't be so bad, but the locations have been in areas that are not what we are looking for.  We are also looking at duplexes.
  • We are also trying to rehome the dogs.  We could live in an apartment without the dogs.  That would free up $200 or more every month towards the retirement house.  Right now, I can't talk about my feelings, I will later.
May you all be well.

Monday, July 12, 2010

It was a Sun Day!

Yesterday was another warm one.  It was 92F at Dad's.  There was a wonderful breeze that helped with the humidity.  Of course, those Chicago family members were in heaven, they didn't feel the humidity at all. 
Today we are in for the cool marine air all day.  Should just be in the mid-70's with some fluffy white clouds dotting the sky.
Our family reunion was a lot of fun.  Of the nine cousins, six of us made it.  While Selene had to work, Nate and Lennon were there.  Of course, Lennon was the hit of the day.  He missed his afternoon nap and was totally Papa's boy.  Otherwise he was his calm, curious self.

Lennon on Great-Grandpa Don's Burro
All the grandchildren have been photographed on this critter at the bottom of the garden.

Cousin Jim, the artist

His wife, Kim, also a talented artist

Their eldest, Cora a reader extraordinaire

Their younger daughter, Stella, real conversationalist

Teena, Jim's sister, the real estate maven

Dad and Dorthy, with Nate, Lennon, and Cousin Carrie in the background

Niece Lindsay Rene

Niece Kelsey Jo

Scanning my other pix, I found I didn't have shots of my siblings Peggy, Debbie & Rob, and Roger.  And the pix I took of Kelsey and her boyfriend Blake didn't come out, too dark.  Guess I'll get them all on another day.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lennon Day!

I don't know what time he will be here and I haven't finished toddler proofing the house yet.  It's early yet, so I have some time.  I hope.
I was just reading Dancing Mouse were Mrs. Brown Mouse mentioned cemeteries.  Old cemeteries.  That has led me to want to share a couple of my favorite old cemeteries.
Myrtle Point Pioneer Cemetery - Up on the hill on Maple Street, beyond where it turns into Sugarloaf  Mountain Road/Cemetery Road, is the Old Myrtle Point Cemetery aka Myrtle Point Pioneer Cemetery.
I found this charming little place while walking my dog, Nutmeg (who sadly died from distemper 39 years ago.)  There are lots of old headstones and some are beautiful.  In the same area is the Norway Cemetery where Grandpa Jeff and his family are buried.  It is high on a hill overlooking the Coquille River Valley.  Lots of old time gravestones to peruse.
Buena Vista Cemetery - Donated by the Wells family, my MIL's distant family, it sits above the Willamette River, just outside the pioneer town of Buena Vista, with views of the surrounding fields and orchards.  Selene loved to visit the grave of a little girl who died, along with her mother, in an epidemic.  There is a small lamb on the girl's headstone, making it almost heartbreakingly beautiful.
Hughes Family Cemetery - Located in Cape Blanco State Park, this family cemetery is part of the donation of the pioneer family's land and home to the State of Oregon.  There are headstones for both family members and those of their employees and friends.  Located just a stone's throw from one of the most magnificent Victorian homes on the Southern Oregon Coast.
Malone Cemetery - On Hwy 99W next to Farmers Coop in McMinnville, there is a very small cemetery that was forgotten for many years.  Truckers used to park their big rigs on the site.  Eventually, it was remembered and located.  New headstones and a cement block and brick fence were placed around the site.
Now, back to our original programing.  It's finally time for breakfast and I have to finish the cleaning and toddler proofing or that kid will drive me insane.  Just like his mother, he has 'satiable curiosity!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday Today

Yes, it is Thursday today.  No big deal.  Just that our DVR is down to just a couple of movies and The Saprano's.  We had so much wind since Monday, the Quercus palustris, Pin Oak, was interferring with the Directv dish.  (When the dish as originally secured the tree was much smaller.)  So very few programs have been recorded and yes, I watch a lot of TV.
I have been watching some things on Netflix over the computer.  But most of what is available is something I have already seen or don't want to see.  C'est le guerre.
The weather will be hot through tomorrow 95F-100F, then cool off to the mid-80's for the weekend.  Which is good.  Nate and Lennon will be here.  Oh and three of my five cousins on my dad's side of the family!  While I have see Carrie a couple of times, I haven't seen Jim and Teena for at least eight years.  I'm looking forward to Sunday when we all gather at Dad's.
Earlier this week, I realized I hadn't been taking my vitamins.  So it's back to the senior multi-vitamin-minerals and the B-complex.  I always feel better when I'm taking the B's, more clear and sane.
And I have finally cleaned out the fridge!  It was pretty bad, a jar of sweet pickles had leaked from the top shelf clear to the bottom.  Oooie, gooie, and yuck!  My back has been hurting a lot (damn arthritis) and it took me almost three hours to clean an area, rest back, clean another area, rest back, etc. 
I got up at 1:30 am today to get the cleaning done in the cool.  Probably do the same tonight.  Even with two air conditioners going, the west side of the house just gets too hot to move.
We are going to look at a house tonight and drive by two others.  Things have sure changed since we rented before.  Then, either family or friends found houses for us.  Now, we're on our own.  Finally all grown up.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sum, Sum, Summertime is Finally Here!

While the East Coast is sweltering, it is finally getting warm on the West Coast!  Yesterday was 85F and today is scheduled to be 96F, as are Thursday and Friday!  Scott had better get the big air conditioner in today or we will never sleep tonight!
The Western US has dry Mediterranean summer weather.  This year has been anomalous, in that it rained so much from April through June.  Anyway, the dry weather (no or little rain) means we don't have much humidity.  Low humidity means higher temperatures are easier to live with and forests catch fire more easily.
We didn't have air conditioning when I was growing up.  That was left for businesses and a few families that were 'wasting money' in my parents eyes.  We just opened up the house at night, capturing the cool air.  The next morning we closed up the house and drapes to keep things cool.  We opened it up again in the cool of the evening, a summer ritual.
I remember the one old fan we owned.  No safety screen, just hard rubber blades cutting through the air.  Dad would turn it on low and let us experience the blades hitting our fingers.  It was fun poking your finger into the blades and letting them buffet your hand.  Then he turned up the speed, now it began to hurt our fingers.  This is when he explained that if we put our fingers in at the 'High' setting we would lose them.  So, NO TOUCHING THE FAN WHILE IT WAS MOVING!  We girls were pretty good about giving the fan a wide berth after getting hash marks on our calves as we ran through the house.
Hot summer days playing in the sprinkler.  Peggy liked to turn the water up high.  I preferred low water.  Getting into an argument with her and running to the backyard to play in the sprinkler back there.  Slipping and falling on the blades of the old push mower and gashing my knee.  Mom calling Dad at work to come get me and take me to the doctor.  Dad driving with his arm around me.  The doctor, a giant with hands like bear paws, gently sewing my leg and giving me a sucker for being so brave.  Then, handing me three more to share with my little sisters.  Spending the next week banned from getting my leg wet.  Learning to find a compromise with my sister so I didn't go off half-cocked again and get hurt.
Summer is HERE!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Actively Looking for a Rental

That's right.  We are out there looking for a rental. 

We have our criteria:
  • In our price range
  • Safe neighborhood
  • Clean house in good repair
  • Allows cats and dogs
  • Has fenced back yard
  • Allows me to choose my own wall colors - come on, I'm 60 and have had floaters for the past 20 years.   White walls drive me crazy.  Because of the floaters, they look like little floaty bugs are running all over them.
  • Has laundry in the house
  • Allows me to garden
That's about that. 
I figure if there isn't much storage space, I won't have so much stuff around.  Here's a problem.  One of my sisters gives all of us other sisters a lot of stuff.  We have piles of crystal bowls, platters, and other glassware she finds on her trips abroad.  It's not that I don't appreciate the gifts, it's just that I do not live the sort of life where I need these items.  I used to entertain, head up committees, do a lot a fundraising and I used those platters, etc. all the time.
Last Christmas, she found replicas of the luncheon sets Mom had when we were young.  (Those were sold in a garage sale in 1979 and no one was sad to see them go.)  Yet, she found the rectangular sandwich plates with the saucer Incorporated and little punch cup to go with.  I really don't need just one of those (I don't need any of them.)  I guess I will just pack all the stuff like that up and one day Selene will find a use for it, or not.

From left to right:  Antique Bread Plate*, two small crystal occasional bowls,Great-Grandma Carrie's plate, Dessert Plate*, Grant-Grandma Carrie's Saucer, three crystal serving bowls, in front:  Luncheon plate and cup.   *Gifts from my sister, bless her.

I will be careful to also preserve the family heirlooms from both sides of the genepool, Scott's and mine.  We use many of them everyday and enjoy having a few of them on display.  I have seen family sell great-grandma's cookbooks (I snatched up the one she jotted recipes and notes in.) and other family heirlooms.  I feel that either we pass those along to other family members before selling our heritage.  For instance, I have a couple of books that belonged to Grandma Vesta and I will never part with them.  Selene knows that they will be hers and I hope she passes them along to Lennon.
Oh here I get maudlin and I just wanted to write a post about finding a new house.  We found a place in a small, Christian, village.  It looks great on the web, the driveby was satisfactory, the landlord sounds caring and eager to find a long-term renter.  I still have to make an appointment for a walk-through.  Honestly, I like the place.  It is quiet, off the beaten path and if there is no proselytizing it will be an excellent place to spend the next five years until Scott retires and we move to the Oregon Coast.
Cross your fingers, we are looking!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Have a Happy and Safe Fourth!

On the shore, dimly seen through the mists of the deep,
Where the foe's haughty host in dread silence reposes,
What is that which the breeze, o'er the towering steep,
As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
Now it catches the gleam of the morning's first beam,
In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:
'Tis the star-spangled banner, O! long may it wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I am Back!

I am sorry that I have not been keeping up with my posting.  I had an allergic reaction to the pain meds I was on. 
At first, I was experiencing some of the nasty side effects that I thought would just go away.  They didn't.  They got worse.  Then, I had problems breathing and an itch that was near intolerable. 
I was watching Mystery Diagnosis, when this man was complaining about a rash and itch (I knew immediately it was scabies, don't know why the doctors were so dumb).  I then connected itching with Demerol which makes me itch like a sun of a gun.  I have a Demerol allergy, could I be allergic to the new pain med?  Yes, trouble breathing and itching are signs of allergy according to the website.  I had to wean myself off the drug.  It took 10 days to get on the dosage my doctor wanted me taking and it took 10 days to wean myself off.
It was ugly.  I was tired, nauseous, crabby, brain discombobulated and couldn't do anything.
I think I am getting back to being me.  Yeah!
Anyway, I am going shopping for the first time in over three weeks!
I'll write some more later!