Saturday, July 24, 2010

We Are In For Some Heat

Forecast is for 91F Saturday and Sunday.  That means the roads to the Coast will be full of people looking for some relief.  Scott has to work and I plan on cleaning house. 

Selene and Lennon (and Nate too) are back from the Great State of Wyoming!  Where Nate got himself a superfine job.  They are getting ready for the move.  Selene and Lennon will be here for a few days, while she sorts through the last of her belongings stored here.
OMG!  They will be all the way across Oregon, into Idaho, dipping into Utah away from us.  They are settling in the southwest corner of Wyoming.  We will really, really miss them.  I have vowed to get SKYPE!

I took the dogs to the Humane Society.  I had to leave them in the truck, while I filled out the paperwork.  They sat quietly, watching the comings and goings of the parking lot.  When I went out to get them, Jip was asleep while Rocky stood guard. 
We were a circus trying to get into the building.  One or the other wound around me, I was trying to keep them in check and carry their toys and some food in a big bag.  They were angels in the building.  Rocky smiled his wrinkly face off and Jip greeted everyone with a sniff and a wag of the tail.  I pray they get re-homed soon to a loving family.

The two cats, Max and Wolf, will move with us.  Grover is going to Wyoming with Selene et al.  We are prepared for Max to throw a hissy fit and yowl the first night.  After that, he'll just stomp and mew when he finds out he is now an indoor cat, again.
We have a place to move into.  A nice 1050sq ft 2/1 apartment.  We will be moving in around August 18.  My heart is lightened by that.  It is within walking distance to our favorite Mexican restaurant.  Well, it will be after we get into a bit better shape.  And two of my favorite supermarkets are within a 1/4 mile as well.  All of this and the place has virtually no road noise!  Plus, Plus, Plus it is under budget!  Guess I'd better get more boxes lined up.


  1. Wonderful to hear you found just the place and that it is easy on the budget. Sorry you had to give up the dogs. I pray they get a good forever home soon.