Monday, July 12, 2010

It was a Sun Day!

Yesterday was another warm one.  It was 92F at Dad's.  There was a wonderful breeze that helped with the humidity.  Of course, those Chicago family members were in heaven, they didn't feel the humidity at all. 
Today we are in for the cool marine air all day.  Should just be in the mid-70's with some fluffy white clouds dotting the sky.
Our family reunion was a lot of fun.  Of the nine cousins, six of us made it.  While Selene had to work, Nate and Lennon were there.  Of course, Lennon was the hit of the day.  He missed his afternoon nap and was totally Papa's boy.  Otherwise he was his calm, curious self.

Lennon on Great-Grandpa Don's Burro
All the grandchildren have been photographed on this critter at the bottom of the garden.

Cousin Jim, the artist

His wife, Kim, also a talented artist

Their eldest, Cora a reader extraordinaire

Their younger daughter, Stella, real conversationalist

Teena, Jim's sister, the real estate maven

Dad and Dorthy, with Nate, Lennon, and Cousin Carrie in the background

Niece Lindsay Rene

Niece Kelsey Jo

Scanning my other pix, I found I didn't have shots of my siblings Peggy, Debbie & Rob, and Roger.  And the pix I took of Kelsey and her boyfriend Blake didn't come out, too dark.  Guess I'll get them all on another day.

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