Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lennon Day!

I don't know what time he will be here and I haven't finished toddler proofing the house yet.  It's early yet, so I have some time.  I hope.
I was just reading Dancing Mouse were Mrs. Brown Mouse mentioned cemeteries.  Old cemeteries.  That has led me to want to share a couple of my favorite old cemeteries.
Myrtle Point Pioneer Cemetery - Up on the hill on Maple Street, beyond where it turns into Sugarloaf  Mountain Road/Cemetery Road, is the Old Myrtle Point Cemetery aka Myrtle Point Pioneer Cemetery.
I found this charming little place while walking my dog, Nutmeg (who sadly died from distemper 39 years ago.)  There are lots of old headstones and some are beautiful.  In the same area is the Norway Cemetery where Grandpa Jeff and his family are buried.  It is high on a hill overlooking the Coquille River Valley.  Lots of old time gravestones to peruse.
Buena Vista Cemetery - Donated by the Wells family, my MIL's distant family, it sits above the Willamette River, just outside the pioneer town of Buena Vista, with views of the surrounding fields and orchards.  Selene loved to visit the grave of a little girl who died, along with her mother, in an epidemic.  There is a small lamb on the girl's headstone, making it almost heartbreakingly beautiful.
Hughes Family Cemetery - Located in Cape Blanco State Park, this family cemetery is part of the donation of the pioneer family's land and home to the State of Oregon.  There are headstones for both family members and those of their employees and friends.  Located just a stone's throw from one of the most magnificent Victorian homes on the Southern Oregon Coast.
Malone Cemetery - On Hwy 99W next to Farmers Coop in McMinnville, there is a very small cemetery that was forgotten for many years.  Truckers used to park their big rigs on the site.  Eventually, it was remembered and located.  New headstones and a cement block and brick fence were placed around the site.
Now, back to our original programing.  It's finally time for breakfast and I have to finish the cleaning and toddler proofing or that kid will drive me insane.  Just like his mother, he has 'satiable curiosity!

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  1. Interesting post. I've always stopped to look around in cemeteries and wonder about the people who are remembered there.