Saturday, July 31, 2010

What the Hell?

I have been trying to write for so long and nothing of any consequence comes out. I was talking to Selene this am and she suggested I get back to the reason for the blog: My sanity. So here goes some steam of thought.

I called Selene last night and just because she was cleaning a toilet with a pumice stone (made specifically for that reason) and getting the apartment ready to move; I began to sob uncontrollably. It was just ridicules and cathartic at the same time.

I had gotten up from a nap and Scott wasn’t home. It was his day off and he should have been home. So I called him. He was at the store. Needless to say, we needed what he was buying. But I was distraught at his being gone.

I’ve had the ‘sleepies’ for a couple of days and am feeling the stress of the move. I have been taking up to three mg of lorazapam every day. My max limit.

The ‘sleepies’ are over now. I woke feeling refreshed and no memory of visually complex and full story dreams. Back to normal dreams. The reason fibro sufferers have these sleep problems is due to the brain not dropping down into the deepest level of sleep. We stay in the upper regions of sleep. And have especially vibrant dreams with lots and lots of REM time. So there is no rest for the wicked.

There is so much more packing to do. It’s hard. Do I pack the junk drawer now? Wait until the last minute since we use the junk in it? Do I pack the crystal for storage or will I perhaps need it for holidays? If I take it to the apartment where will I store it? There is no built in storage and what I have will not hold most of what I need to store?

Boxes, must stop by the stores and ask for boxes. Get in a supply of good strong tape. Go to the newspaper office and buy an end roll of newsprint to wrap up the breakables.

Get the two cars on Craigslist. Have the truck ready for Craigslist the day after we move. Look at Craigslist for a car for Scott to drive to work. Then I get the Olds.

Okay, that’s enough for today. I have kitchen work, laundry, and getting my art and craft supplies packed into the great-great grandparent’s Wells steamer chest and great-grandpa Charlie’s work chest. Find some boxes in the back room. Get the office ready to hold all we are moving and the back room ready to hold all that is getting sold.

At least the weather is cool and just right for working hard!

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