Sunday, August 1, 2010

Marine Air and Sundry

One thing about living in the Willamette Valley, one day you will be scorched and the next a load of marine air will move in and you'll be lucky to hit 75F.  Such is now.  It's 10am and 58F.  I had to look for my slippers!

Lennon has learned to take off his diaper!  He wants to wear pull ups but is not ready for potty training.  So he goes around channeling his inner plumber, butt crack and all!  It's cute, but embarrassing when they are in public.  The joys of approaching two.

Last night Scott made a breakthrough!  He is getting rid of almost all of his books!  Yeah!  I am only keeping a very few.  After all, there is something called the world wide web and a big building holding thousands of tomes.  We are breaking the print addiction!  After all, like 99% of those books have not been cracked in the past five years!

News flash, this just in....................Grover has broken one of the scratching posts!  As he attacked it, the fiber board base disintegrated; leaving two pieces to be attacked and played with.  That post must be at least 10 years old.  Got my monies worth with that one!

All you dear readers have a pleasant day.  We are going in search of boxes. 

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