Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy 61st Scott!

Yeppers, today my soul-mate turns 61!  So, Happy Birthday my Love!

Boy, were we busy yesterday.  It started off with a Dr visit for me.  Just a follow-up on my mental state.  I was in and out and on my way in less than 40 minutes.  While I was doing that, Scott took Grover to the Humane Society.  I realized that this will be the 4th re-homing for him.  He is so adorable, I really think he will find a new home quickly.  I just hope that this one will be able to keep him.

Then, it was off to the newspaper to get more end rolls.  I am packing the jars with food in them.  We decided to sell all the rest of the jars and canning supplies.  It was a hard decision, but with the fibro and mental problems flaring I just don't know if I will be able to do the work when the food is ripe and waiting.

Scott needed to get some diabetic testing done.  It took minutes and we were off again.  We ate brunch at a little cafe in West Salem that used to have the best food around.  Alas, the new owners don't know how to cook.  It was disastrous! 

Then home we went.  We digested our breakfast as we talked about what needs to be done, bought, and all for the bathroom.  Scott was off for his Dr visit.  I decided to take a nap, I'd only slept four hours the night before.  I woke, sometime later, all groggy and Scott was nowhere in sight.  I called him, he was getting the cashier's check for our apartment deposit.

Back to Salem we went to pay the deposit and sign the rental agreement.  Scott explained he was at the Dr's office for two and a half hours.  Seems there were two emergencies that came in.  He was there for a check-up, he's fine, and to get some official paperwork filled out and signed by the Dr.  With that done, he went to the bank.

While waiting our turn at the manager's office, we were able to make the change from homeowners insurance to renters insurance with one phone call.  Papers signed, we decided on burgers for dinner.  Home again.  We missed getting the address changed at the PO and getting our garage sale permit from the city.  Scott will do both next week. 

It was a busy, busy day.  Poor Scott didn't sleep well last night.  I hope he gets some rest tonight.  We have the garage/shop to go through tomorrow.  Since the temps are in the 90's, we need to get the work done early or else late.  And I vote for early.  That leaves late for rest and recuperation.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SCOTT! Sounds like you are both organized and getting things done for your move. At the same time, I'm happy to see you are making sure you get some rest periods. Not sleeping is a killer. I have the same problem as do other members of my family.