Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy 89th, Dad!

Today my dad is 89 years old.  Wow, that's about 15 years longer than we thought he would make it.  (Back when Grandpa Jake died - at 78, we took bets on how long Dad would survive.)  No one took over 75.  But, guess he decided to fool us all.  Anyway, I'm going over there for dinner tonight.
I guess I'd better get him a small gift.  When I was about 9 - 10 I gave him a bottle of mucilage for Christmas.  Wonder if they still make the stuff?

The worst part of the past two weeks has been IBS.  I've been through this so many times; but it sure makes life rough.  Sorry if you have a queasy stomach, but I have had diarrhea for the past two weeks.  Imodium is my friend.  I am craving liquids to replenish what is leaving.  I get shaky and have to eat more frequently which means ----- more frequently.  All I know is, This too shall pass.  ;)

Yesterday I got the 2nd bedroom packed.  Books, art supplies, paper.  I still have to find a box for all the treasured Girl Scout stuff.  I am going to make a scrapbook this winter, with the help of that scrapbooker extraordinaire, Sabrina.

Today, I am cleaning the bathrooms.  And doing some general picking up and putting away.  You wouldn't believe what a mess the house it.  Really.  Well, it's only two weeks and then we move the good stuff out of here and leave the non-essentials behind.  Talk about de-cluttering!
Hopefully, by just having what we really need about, I will have an easier time keeping the house up!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your dad! Sometimes people outsmart us all by their longevity even when they might seem weak or frail.

    Sorry to hear about the IBS. Did you know that fermented foods are good for that and lots of probiotics? If you are interested, I would recommend you to read Josh Rubin's (I think that is his name) called "Patient Heal Thyself". This guy Rubin was so skinny from IBS and his parents took him all around the world seeking help as he was so emaciated and weak. Well he is now the picture of health and he has written several books (and of course developed products for sale) to show people how to help themselves. I don't get a commission lol, though I do tell everyone about the book in case they want to try his method.

    It sounds like you are making great progress on your packing. I'm very impressed! Good for you that you are not packing the non essentials. That is a great way to make sure you don't have clutter in your new place and more work than you need when you get there. I read in your previous blog about the new place. It sounds fantastic. A pool? How cool is that?!! And, you have a cheaper rent. Wow! You have done well and should be very proud of yourself. I think you are going to have a wonderful few years ahead and you deserve it :-)