Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Picked Out the Apartment!

Yes, I did.  Then, after I got home, I realized that the one I chose didn't have W/D hook-up. :(.  Okay, the laundry is right outside the door.  End unit, ground floor, parking space right in front of the door, next to the pool, grassy area just off the patio, covered parking for one of us,   950 sq ft.  475 in living/kitchn and 475 in 2 bedrooms and bath.  Just about what we have here.  We move on the 18th or just after.  Done!  Oh, by the way, it came in $250 under budget!

I also did all my list:
Go to the bank, check
Apartment, check
Boxes, check - well, this am, Walmart fills requests for boxes from the nightly restocking crew.  You pick them up the next morning.
Newsprint end roll, check!
I also fixed dinner, bought some milk, juice and kitty toys.
Whew, yes I am tired!

Have you ever wondered just what goes through your pet's mind?  While in the back room, I noticed a stinky odor near the  old chest of drawers.  I found one of the cat's had pooed in a pristinely clean glass jar.  He had to balance himself on the edge of a 3 in opening and poo!  From the way it was sitting there, it just looked like it needed a sealed lid to keep it for all eternity!

Conversation with my daughter:
me - Hello?
her - Hi
grandson - Kukka poo
her - What?
grandson - Kukka poo
her - Mom, I'll call you right back.  The dog just pooed in Lennon's room.
her - Yes, I know 'Kukka poo' get out of it, I'll take care of it.
grandson picks up the phone and announces, 'Kukka poo.'

Lennon and Kukka

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