Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stupid Mop

I was supposed to mop floors today. I can’t find the mop. No, really, I can’t find the mop. It’s a janitor’s model with a large YELLOW handle and a string head (that goes in the washer after every use.) It’s gone. I looked on the back porch, in the laundry room, in the back room, in the broom closet and no stupid mop! I have to mop the floors, they are gross. I have a Swiffer dust mop that doubles as a mop – great for nothing (it is going in the yard sale) and a Swiffer battery action mop (again, great for nothing, those stupid pads only clean a 10x10 ft already clean space before they crap out.)

I want my big mop to deal with the mud the dogs have tracked in during the past two weeks! WAAAAAA!

Alright, fine, I will take a breath, center myself, and tackle the kitchen counter. It is packed and ready to move out. A bag of potting mix, a jar of fertilizer, an empty pop bottle, dirty bowl, jar of dog treats (that, at least, is supposed to be there), 1/10 a bag of chips from the burrito shack, 2 dirty glasses, a used coffee cup, and a piece of foil used to warm some asiago foccacia bread.
Yes, that will make me feel better.

It has been raining so hard the driveway is flooded again. Just wear your high-top boots and high-wader pants to negotiate our little lake.

Dinner tonight: Hawaiian Pork Chops with Broccoli and Stir Fried Rice. Poop! I’m out of five-spice. Search the web and find a recipe. I may have enough spices to make a reasonable facsimile. Maybe. See Cooking in Nana’s Kitchen tomorrow for the final report.

Now that I have opened the curtains, the house is so much brighter. I am soaking up the rays through my eyes to the little glands in my head which will allow endorphins to circulate and make me feel happier and more energetic.

Of course, with the blinds open I see the windows need cleaning, there’s a new layer of dust to tackle, and the FLOORS. NEED. MOPPING.

Time for an apple and two slices of cheese.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Upside down day today. My bladder woke me at 4:17 am; Jip, hearing me up, decided he and Rocky needed a potty break. So we all got up, they went out and began barking. Crap. I slipped on my clogs and a sweatshirt; went out into the rain, found them fussing over a possum. It was playing possum, Rocky was easy to catch (for a change), we went back into the house.

 I finished a couple of surveys, was accepted for a week long survey that will pay $60, and earned $5 for the surveys I took.
So far this month, I have earned:
  • Opinion Outpost      $ 2.00      Need $5 to cash out
  • Surveyhead             $23.95     Need $25 to cash out
  • Ad Sense                $    .06     Need $100 to cash out      Total to date $.09
  • Amazon Associates $    .00
  • Google Associates   $    .00
  • Swagbucks 1214 total to date
Yup, I’m in it for the money ;)

Drank my coffee and ate breakfast while catching up on email, facebook, and blog reading and commenting. Went back to bed about 7am. Got up about 11:15am just as Scott was going to take a long nap.

I had a bad late afternoon and evening. Headache and anxiety. Got the bread – 3 loaves white, 2 loaves wheat, 2 loaves foccacia with cheese, 6 onion bagels, 1 angel food cake, 1 pound cake, 6 cake donuts, 5 honey mustard dips, 1 pint sour cream, 5 potatoes, 1 lb little mushrooms (I forgot to see what they were, but they were tasty in last night’s broccoli, ham & cheese frittata).

 Fixed dinner, watched the rest of  The Grand  (you might just like this one, it is funny and well acted, edited, and directed), tried to read a book, took my lorazapam and went to bed at 9pm.

Good news! Selene, Nate, and Lennon will be here for her birthday! Sounds like they have planned a BBQ at Debbie and Rob’s. I’m just a little upset they are planning to stay there as well. Something about thinking Lennon and the new pup, Kukka, would be too much for me to handle. I think it is really because here they would have to sleep on an air mattress and at D&R’s they get a real bed. Not to mention that poor little Kukka would be attacked by our cats; while Debbie’s cats will just hide from her.

 Whatever, I am going to demand our Grampy and Nana time with Lennon. Just the three of us snuggling and laughing together. It’s been FIVE months!

 Now, what do you buy for your 30 year old daughter? I have no clue, hopefully Nate has an idea or two.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Last Saturday in March

A beautiful, overcast Saturday; mild temperatures, and high pollen counts; punctuated by shrill barks from the Jipster.

Love eyes from Wolf as he snuggles down in my SSDI claim papers for a nap in the filtered sun.

All to the tune of Len & Bob calling the Cubs game.

We are taking it easy. Just doing some dishes and laundry that piled up while I was down with GERD complications. Got to get some bread in a little bit; they are open from 3pm to 5pm. To keep from having to stand in line (thus making my back hurt like hell) I wait until 3:30 – 4pm to leave. Selections aren’t as great as being there early, but who cares. I really just need two loaves and some French/Italian to make it through the week.

Tomorrow we are planning to get over to the Coast. Over to Newport and down to Yachats; we’ll have a little picnic. Probably, just sandwiches and chips. I remember one time we went to Golden and Sliver Falls State Park in Coos County, with saltines, slices of Tillamook Medium Cheddar, sweet pickles, and Kool-Aid. It was misting, the dogs got wet, we sat in the car fogging up the windows, smelling wet dog, eating our lunch, surrounded by trees dripping with moss and fern..

The west neighbors finally filled the hole in their fence with fencing. I had nailed some plywood up to the posts and they had leaned more plywood and trellis up against that. The dogs still found their way through. I am happy to say, the new fencing looks nice and is better than the pieces of plywood. The dogs don’t like it. Jip can’t see over the new fence from his position on top of Scott’s Mustang. (Mustang and Z280 are still for sale, all offers will be considered.)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and (Wo)men Often Go Awry

And folks that’s just how my yesterday went. I did get to Roth’s and BiMart, fixed Chicken-etti for dinner, and watched Lost, 19 kids, and Table for 12; but that was all I got done. My back was so sore I spent the rest of the time lying flat. My next doctor’s appointment is next Friday and I can’t get more muscle relaxers until then. So, it’s old fashioned care: alternate hot and cold, keep moving as much as possible, and take acetaminophen every four hours.

Today, I am going to baby my back. I’ll accomplish what I accomplish.

Chicken-etti wasn’t too bad; except Scott’s blood sugar was up to 362 this morning. He did eat seconds last night and that wasn’t such a good idea. Guess he liked it! I froze four lunches, out of the leftovers, for him. (At least those lunches are portion controlled.)


After six years we find out the reason for the island: To contain the ultimate evil. I did like Richard’s story. It helped to answer some questions. How the Black Rock got so far inland, how the statue was broken, why Richard never changed, how the Hanso Corporation is related to the island.
Will Evil-Locke really reunited Sun and Jin? Find out next week.

I watched as a venerable old big leaf maple, Acer macrophyllum, was cut down yesterday. Our neighbor, Norm, had the giant removed due to the problems it was causing to his house. The entire west side of his roof is green with moss and the shallow root system was creating havoc with his foundation. I don’t blame him. The tree was about 50 feet tall and three feet in diameter. He is not planning on replacing the tree; which is too bad; I could have recommended a multitude of better trees for his small back yard.

I'd let the dogs out, but the damn starlings are perched on the roof next door.  I just don't want to put up with Rocky and Jip barking and trying to jump 20 feet to get at them.  That reminds me, it won't be long before the Cedar Waxwings show up.  Love their neat looks and cheery voices, hate their holly-seeded poop!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday's Musings

Yesterday I cleaned the dining room from ceiling to floor! I didn’t mop, yet. I did have to soak the hairballs on the bench and floor. YUCK! Wolfie will be downing hairball stuff for the next few weeks or until he finishes shedding!

Anyway, I opened the curtains and plan to keep them open now. All we need to do is to put things away. Our nature is to just drop them on the table, no more!

Today, I plan on going to Roth’s, Waremart, and BiMart for just a few things. I am fixing Chicken-etti for dinner. Last week on 19 Kids and Counting, Anna fixed it for the in-laws. Of course, I will try to fix a leaner, meaner version. We don’t need all that fat and sodium!

I also need to get some Frontline Plus for the pets. I noticed a couple of fleas on Jip. By the way, Jip is much better. He is now coming up for a snuggle and to play ‘Be the Baby.’ (He lies on my chest and tucks his head under my chin.) I can tell he still hurts after playing, but is getting better every day.

After shopping I will do some laundry and change the bed. So much to do, so little energy to do it with.

At least the sky is blue and clear. I need to get out there and soak up some rays! If it is not raining tomorrow, I plan on renting a blower and work on the front yard. That will make me feel much, much better about myself. Little by little, I will get things caught up. I hope ;)

Monday, March 22, 2010

My First Giveaway!

Here goes my first giveaway! I am giving away my copy of Webb Garrison’s book, Why You Say It: The Fascinating Stories Behind Over 600 Everyday Words and Phrases. You can read my review of this book here.

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post. If you post a link back here on your blog, come back and post the link back to your blog for an extra 5 entries. Anyone who becomes a follower of this blog will receive an additional 5 entries.

I will pick a winner on Friday, April 2, 2010 with random number generator. I will contact the winner by email. The winner will have 48 hours to get back to me with their mailing address or I will choose another winner.

That’s it. Good luck to you all.

ETA:  The drawing will be held at 8 pm PDT.  Sorry :)

Monday's Life

I just let the dogs out for the fifth time in 90 minutes. They keep coming to the backdoor and woofing to come in; only to want back out 10 minutes later. This time they both started barking as soon as they were outside. The neighbor damn starling was sitting on the peak of the roof next door and the dogs had to challenge it!

There’s Rocky, jumping up and with his deep voice, “Woof, Woof!”

And Jip in his barky little voice, “Bark, Bark, Bark!”

Cacophony at its best! I called them back just as the damn starling flew away. Great, if the damn starlings are nesting now, there will be a second clutch later this summer.

We went over to Dad and Dorthy’s for dinner on Friday. They got some new carpet in the living room. Dad was cleaning out the fireplace and set the old carpet on fire! Anyway, since the living room opens into the den, they got the whole thing replaced. And he gave us the carpet from the den.

While I appreciate the gesture, I have severe dust mite allergies and cannot have carpeting in the house. I cut off some rug sized pieces for bedside comfort and donated the rest to a local charity.

Dorthy fixed a ham dinner with scalloped potatoes, baked beans, and coleslaw with pineapple upside down cake for dessert. Yum, only problem, they over salt everything. I am still swollen from all the sodium and I have been downing water like crazy trying to flush it from my body.

And of course, I left my glasses over there. I mended the old pair with some painter’s tape and let them know I would be back over on Tuesday to pick the left pair. Well, Dad called Sunday afternoon to say they were coming over with the glasses. Scott caught the call and said, “No, we’ll be over to pick them up.” So he woke me from a nap to go over to D&D’s again!

Okay, this house is a wreck. I was so sick and down for three weeks, I didn’t do any cleaning. Scott does not help with the housework, as I am not working (when I work he is the best at keeping things cleaned up and neat). So off we went, with me grumbling about being forced to leave the house without proper time to get myself psyched up. On top of the unplanned outing, Scott was talking about going out to eat at an unknown restaurant. Man, I was ready for the screaming meamies!

We got the glasses, visited for a while, and left for the restaurant. Scott picked up on my unease and agreed to get a takeout pizza from Ugo’s. We did stop at Wal-mart for cat food, canned dog food, creamer, milk, and cereal.

HOME. I relaxed. We watched a program on Pluto and then Damn Yankees, I love Netflix. I had never seen the play or the movie. It was fun! All the while, I was thinking how it could be remade and which talented actors could play each role. I also thought about how horrid it could be with the wrong actors.

The dogs just went off on some kid walking by the house. I called them to me, Grover the cat came instead. Weird animals.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Before Spring

Just two more days until SPRING! I have been chronicling my blooming flowers for the past few weeks over on Chic Daisy. Due to my depression, what used to be glorious color is now just a few plants puttering along. I just didn’t want anyone to see me, so I let the yard go to ratpoopy.

The flyers from BiMart showed up today. They have flowers and herbs on sale. I think I will splurge a little and get some happy blooms.

We are not putting in a garden this year. Instead, I will grow some container gardens. I have several larger pots that will hold some tomatoes and peppers. And I will plant some pots in flowers for spots of color. Oh, there are some hanging planters in the back; I can fill those for the porch! For other ideas, stop by Chic Daisy.

It’s the day after St Paddy’s and traditionally we would be looking forward to some corned beef hash. Traditionally. When I opened the package of corned beef yesterday, it was fatty and very lean on the amount of meat.

I had just taken one mg of lorazapam and was not able to drive to return it to the store. So, I threw the meat into the slow cooker and hoped for the best. We were able to get two servings, just. So tonight will be baked, BBQ chicken and fries with a vegetable. I am about to post a recipe for Moroccan Chicken over on Cooking in Nana’s Kitchen. It was delish!

We have to trek over to Dad’s tomorrow. They got new carpet in the living room/den. Seems Dad caught the old stuff on fire when he cleaned out the fireplace. (I did the same thing here, only when the cord to the vacuum cleaner shorted out.) Anyway, he saved a piece out of the den for us to use in the bedroom. I thought I would cut a couple of pieces for each bedside, since I have a dust mite allergy and don’t want full carpet under the bed. The rest I will sell/give away in our garage sale.

I am planning a garage sale the first part of May. Going to get rid of the clutter, junk, and treasures we just don’t use anymore. The proceeds from this sale will go towards seeing the Cubs play the Mariners in June! Go Cubs!

Jip is hurting. I think he might have pulled a muscle while playing. He doesn’t want to be held at all. He still is jumping around and barking; so it can’t be that bad. I can get him to come to me with a treat, otherwise he just runs away and growls. When he lets me pet him, he is stiff and unyielding. If he is not better by next week, we’re off the vet.

Our little Emily of the now defunct Under $1000 a Month, her current A Fine Collection of Lint and Fuzz, and Wednesday’s Frugal Hack; is missing. She hasn’t posted in over a week now. She was reading and moderating comments back when her son was in a coma; so there are those of us who are worried about her. Even her husband, Dan’s Rants, is missing and not posting on his blog, Facebook, or Twitter. Hopefully all is well and they are on vacation or visiting relatives.

I’ve got a new book to review. Off to devour it and let you know if it would be worth your time to check out.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dog Tired

After racing in and out.  Jumping on and off the couch (protected by a king size sheet) Rocky and Jip finally take some 'down time.'

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Saturday's Review on Tuesday

I have been reading Why You Say It by Webb Garrison. Subtitled: The Fascinating Stories Behind Over 600 Everyday Words and Phrases, this book tries to explain some of our more common English colloquialisms.

The author has researched the 600 entries (the bibliography is extensive) and come up with some logical and some not so logical reasons as to why we say what we say.

This is not a book to be read through in one sitting. I have the copy on my nightstand for reading a little at a time.

I have chuckled at some of the entries, but mostly have not been too impressed by the blurbs. There are better, more comprehensive books on the same subject. I think a trip to the library would bear this out.

Overall, this is a good book for casual reading; if you do not want to get immersed in more detailed explanations of the phrases found in the book.

Thomas Nelson has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book; for this unpaid review.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday's Thoughts

It has been over two weeks now. I still am not feeling Tom Terrific. I have days that start out just fine, only to become nauseous, dizzy and shaky. I couldn’t schedule a Dr app until 4/2, HMO, got to love it.

I have been falling asleep between 5 pm and 9 pm; waking about 3:30 am. The dogs are waking me. That’s when I used to go to bed and they got their last trip out. So now, they wake and need to go out, NOW. I get a nap in the early afternoon to keep me going through dinner.

 Wish I had the energy to get some housework done. I am going to rent a blower to clean the front yard. We have a pin oak, Quercus palustris, that holds its dead leaves over the winter; only to dump them in spring. I need to clean them out of the flowers and neaten up the whole shebang. I thought that I could use the blower in the house to get the pet fur out! Crazy? I don’t think so.

To pass the time, I have been recording and watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I have loved Vincent D’Onofrio since I saw him in Men in Black. (I just found out Vincent was ‘Thor’ in Adventures in Babysitting; one of Selene’s all-time favorite movies!) I am anxiously waiting for the new season. I have been a fan of Jeff Goldblum since Tenspeed and Brownshoe.

 On the Hollywood front, Fury’s dad, Peter Graves has died. Oh yeah, he did other work, but I will always remember him on one of my favorite Saturday morning shows.

 My To Do List:
  • Catch up the laundry
  • Mop floors
  • Pot up my Windowsill Garden and post on Chic Daisy
  • Fix dinner – Leftovers, the refrigerator is about to explode!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

How a Picture of Lennon Led Me to Sugar!

Reading a book while wearing his mother's old shirt!

Loved those days of snuggling and reading books together! Nothing better for mother and child.

One afternnon she was trying to read her favorite book; I Am Adopted, to her grandma. She couldn’t get the book open. “Shit.”  She had a small, quiet voice.
Still trying to get the book open, “Shit.”
“Is she saying Chit? Susan, your baby is saying Chit.”
”Mom, she is saying shit.”
Mom was never able to use the word. She always said, ‘Chit.’
“This is horrible; you need to do something about it.”
So, I began to watch my language.

One day the three of us were visiting with Selene’s Great-Grandma Vesta, when she again said, “Shit.”
Grandma told a story on herself when she was a young mother. Seems Grandma (MY GRANDMOTHER) had a ‘potty mouth.’ Her first two children, Violet and Son (Les) had picked it up as well. The pastor was coming over for a visit and there were her two little babies saying bad words. Grandma rethought her language.
The next time she did something that made her angry or frustrated she changed her words mid-word and said instead, “Oh sugar in the gourd!”
The little ones began to laugh and so did Grandma. After that, Grandma worked hard on saying either ‘Sugar!’ or ‘Sugar in the gourd!’ By the time my mom arrived, she was number six; all the family was saying the sugar phrase.
I never heard my Grandma Vesta swear. But, I sure heard her sprinkle sugar everywhere she went.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Insomnia and Not So Stuffed Peppers

Oh dear God, I cannot sleep. I went to bed at 4:30 am yesterday and woke about 12:30 pm. I didn’t nap all day; I didn’t do much (I was just feeling too lazy and crazy.) I stayed up until 4:30 am today so I wouldn’t bother Scott. He is working a 12 hr day today. And here it is 6:40 am and I am wired!

My mind is not all that clear. Last night I was going to make Stuffed Peppers. I had the most beautiful red peppers and was slicing and dicing all the veggies; when I started cooking the meat in the fry pan. Then I added my veg and went, “@!%$^$%%^&%^#$”

 So I just chopped the rest of the peppers; added about half my stash (10) frozen, dried tomatoes (chopped); and three cloves of garlic, minced. Two cups of water and simmered until Scott got home. I made garlic bread to eat with it and sop up all the good juice. It wasn’t bad.

 Jip just erupted, barking at the western neighbor. Running out to get him, Rocky saw the nesting starlings next door. Now that he has seen the birds, he will spend the next six months barking at them. Rocky doesn’t like the starlings, and neither do I. I taught Selene to call them ‘damn starlings.’ Until my mom made her stop.

 The other birds Rock doesn’t get along with are the blue jays. A pair of scrub jays has been nesting in the Doug fir for over 15 years. (Either them, or their descendants.) Anyway, the birds dive at Rocky and he barks at the birds.

 When Wolf was an indoor cat, before he made a break for the wild outdoors, he would tap on the window as the jays would hop all over Cindy the rhody. It was a game. That is until Wolf went outside. He was walking along the drive when a bird flew overhead. Next thing, Wolf was spread eagle on the pavement screaming like a little kitten!

 Things to do today:
  • Get groceries why can’t we have a delivery service? When I was a kid, there were two grocery stores that delivered. Mom would just call in the morning and that afternoon here would come the grocery man with boxes tied up in string.
  • Call a SSD attorney about my disability being turned down. Everyone says they turn you down and then you get a lawyer and get the benefits. Okay, I’ll play the game.
  • Make a doctor’s appointment. I need drugs! Just flashed on Welcome Back, Kotter! John Travolta pretending to be a drug addict, “I need drugs. Give me drugs.” Still makes me laugh!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Scrapbooking Giveaway

I found the cutest scapbooking site, Obsessed with Scrapbooking,  where you will find some really good ideas.  Anyway, Joy has a giveaway going for some really cute items.  Check it out!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wednesday's Post

The dog’s new watercooler is causing some humor. Just like a real cooler it gurgles. Rocky was drinking his normal camel’s drink this morning, when ‘gurgle’. I swear the dog jumped two feet into the air! He came down dancing and wild eyed. Last night Jip was walking by it when it gurgled. He jumped sideways! Oh, they’ll get used to it before long. Until then, I get a chuckle a couple of times a day.

I still feel like crap. Last night I had a fever of 100 and couldn’t get any rest. Oh well, this too shall pass; pretty darn quick, I’m over it!

 Since I didn’t do the dishes last night, I went to bed instead. I am trying to do them now. Of course the fever is back and my lower back only allowed me to unload the dishwasher. I will rest until the acetaminophen kicks in. Then, it’s on to the next stage. I’ve got to do a couple of loads of clothes today. I keep forgetting the basket in the bedroom.

 Fibro fog. Can’t remember what I was thinking just a moment ago. It’s like when I was reading a post and I thought about Lydia Pinkham’s Herbal Remedy. I found myself on Wiki reading about Lydia and suddenly couldn’t remember why I was there. Later I remembered while thinking of something else. Fun times.

 Why I don’t leave appliances running when I am out of the house:
  1. The time I decided to read a book instead of mopping the floor. I looked up to see a river of washing machine water running through the kitchen. Cleanest that floor ever was, I was bleaching whites.
  2. Debbie was going to run errands. She went back into the house for her list; only to find the faucet to the washer going off like a geyser!
  3. Vern heard fire sirens, went out to see the neighbor’s garage on fire! The lint under the dryer had caught fire!
  4. Pat left a pot of chicken and a pot of beef she was making into stock, on the stove when she went to work. She had started them on high and forgot to reduce them to low. Laurel came home from school to find the house filled with smoke! Luckily, no fire, but what a mess to clean up the week before Heather was to be married in the living room!
The dishwasher and washing machine are now running and I am going to put my feet up and watch a movie.

 Have you noticed the Cluster Map?  I'm getting readers from all over the world!  Welcome!  Hope you stay and vistit a while.  Feel free to comment, I love feedback!  If you like the site, I encourage you to follow.
Thanks for stopping by.
Dinner tonight: Take out, I just don’t feel like cooking.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuedsay LOSTday

Still not feeling Tom Terrific and His Mighty Dog, Manfred! (It was a cartoon shown on the original Captain Kangaroo Show.) I went to bed last night at 8:30pm and woke about 2:30am when Scott got up to let the dogs out. I spent an hour trying not to be nauseous. I woke at 6:30am and got up.

Got to tell you, it was 11am before I got bathed. I went to the store to get the doggies a new water bowl. Rocky can drain the current bowl all at once. I found this cute dog water-cooler-like combo.

It holds almost 3 gallons. That should make keeping Rocky hydrated a little easier.

By the way, this is the one Selene and Nate gave us for the cats. These’s supposed to be a feeding bowl where the green pot sleeve is. I use the pot sleeve for dryer lint. Yes, we feed the cats on top of the dryer to keep the dogs out of their food.

Grover doing what he loves!

Cute cat food story: Between the deaths of Artemis & Rosemary and the arrival of Duke; we had two cats, Tabitha and Abraham. We fed them in the kitchen. One hot summer night, Scott and Selene were asleep and I was watching TV. I heard noise in the kitchen and got up to investigate. A mama raccoon had brought her brood in through the open garage to sample the cat food buffet. As I approached, she ‘told’ her little ones to leave and she suddenly started making a ‘hoohoohoo’ sound while hopping up and down. I backed off; I wasn’t going to fight over a few pieces of cat food. She backed off; she wanted to get back to the kids. I sat down and let my heart rate slow down. Just another night in our mad-cap household.

My goals, except for dinner are nearly complete. I just have to do a couple more loads of laundry and makeup the bed, fresh. I have gotten the water bowl, bathed, brushed my teeth, played with the pets, done a load of dishes, and a couple of loads of laundry, took a nap, and wrote this. All is well.

PS  I forgot the potting mix!  When I went to the back room for the one I had stored there, I found one of the cats used it for a litter box. :(  I put the used mix on a flower bed next to the back door.  Tomorrow, potting mix!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mondays' Post

I am getting back to normal. Whew, that was one nasty bug.

I had to run to the bank today. I didn't have enough strength to get to the store. I'll try tomorrow.

Our little Emily, formerly from Under $1000 a Month, has given up her blog. She created a stir when she ungraciously thanked a reader for a new crib mattress. She said they were enjoying the box but would sell the mattress on craigslist. Then she wrongly attacked a poster in a vicious manner accusing her of shenanigans on another blog. She did later apologize to the poster.

Oh my, Emily has shown up again at her abandoned blog Emily's Belly Button, I was hoping she would take a rest, regroup, and come back more focused on her family.

Did anyone catch Jip in my photos at Cooking in Nana's Kitchen? He’s there, just look for him. I had just fed the dogs but Jippy seems to be insatiable. He grabbed up an errant tater tot the other night. It was just out of the oven and he was trying to juggle it and run to his hidey hole behind the couch to eat it. Rocky got one tossed to him. Good ol’ Rock, he lay down next to it and waited for it to cool.

It’s been a bad day. I got to the bank, took a nap, read, and rested. I’m still groggy and shaky legged from the virus. And I have to fix dinner. I’ll just pull out some of my pre-prepared food and we’ll have that and a hot vegetable.

Here’s hoping you have had a good day. Tomorrow is another day. Thanx to Scarlett.