Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday's Life

I just let the dogs out for the fifth time in 90 minutes. They keep coming to the backdoor and woofing to come in; only to want back out 10 minutes later. This time they both started barking as soon as they were outside. The neighbor damn starling was sitting on the peak of the roof next door and the dogs had to challenge it!

There’s Rocky, jumping up and with his deep voice, “Woof, Woof!”

And Jip in his barky little voice, “Bark, Bark, Bark!”

Cacophony at its best! I called them back just as the damn starling flew away. Great, if the damn starlings are nesting now, there will be a second clutch later this summer.

We went over to Dad and Dorthy’s for dinner on Friday. They got some new carpet in the living room. Dad was cleaning out the fireplace and set the old carpet on fire! Anyway, since the living room opens into the den, they got the whole thing replaced. And he gave us the carpet from the den.

While I appreciate the gesture, I have severe dust mite allergies and cannot have carpeting in the house. I cut off some rug sized pieces for bedside comfort and donated the rest to a local charity.

Dorthy fixed a ham dinner with scalloped potatoes, baked beans, and coleslaw with pineapple upside down cake for dessert. Yum, only problem, they over salt everything. I am still swollen from all the sodium and I have been downing water like crazy trying to flush it from my body.

And of course, I left my glasses over there. I mended the old pair with some painter’s tape and let them know I would be back over on Tuesday to pick the left pair. Well, Dad called Sunday afternoon to say they were coming over with the glasses. Scott caught the call and said, “No, we’ll be over to pick them up.” So he woke me from a nap to go over to D&D’s again!

Okay, this house is a wreck. I was so sick and down for three weeks, I didn’t do any cleaning. Scott does not help with the housework, as I am not working (when I work he is the best at keeping things cleaned up and neat). So off we went, with me grumbling about being forced to leave the house without proper time to get myself psyched up. On top of the unplanned outing, Scott was talking about going out to eat at an unknown restaurant. Man, I was ready for the screaming meamies!

We got the glasses, visited for a while, and left for the restaurant. Scott picked up on my unease and agreed to get a takeout pizza from Ugo’s. We did stop at Wal-mart for cat food, canned dog food, creamer, milk, and cereal.

HOME. I relaxed. We watched a program on Pluto and then Damn Yankees, I love Netflix. I had never seen the play or the movie. It was fun! All the while, I was thinking how it could be remade and which talented actors could play each role. I also thought about how horrid it could be with the wrong actors.

The dogs just went off on some kid walking by the house. I called them to me, Grover the cat came instead. Weird animals.

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