Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wednesday's Post

The dog’s new watercooler is causing some humor. Just like a real cooler it gurgles. Rocky was drinking his normal camel’s drink this morning, when ‘gurgle’. I swear the dog jumped two feet into the air! He came down dancing and wild eyed. Last night Jip was walking by it when it gurgled. He jumped sideways! Oh, they’ll get used to it before long. Until then, I get a chuckle a couple of times a day.

I still feel like crap. Last night I had a fever of 100 and couldn’t get any rest. Oh well, this too shall pass; pretty darn quick, I’m over it!

 Since I didn’t do the dishes last night, I went to bed instead. I am trying to do them now. Of course the fever is back and my lower back only allowed me to unload the dishwasher. I will rest until the acetaminophen kicks in. Then, it’s on to the next stage. I’ve got to do a couple of loads of clothes today. I keep forgetting the basket in the bedroom.

 Fibro fog. Can’t remember what I was thinking just a moment ago. It’s like when I was reading a post and I thought about Lydia Pinkham’s Herbal Remedy. I found myself on Wiki reading about Lydia and suddenly couldn’t remember why I was there. Later I remembered while thinking of something else. Fun times.

 Why I don’t leave appliances running when I am out of the house:
  1. The time I decided to read a book instead of mopping the floor. I looked up to see a river of washing machine water running through the kitchen. Cleanest that floor ever was, I was bleaching whites.
  2. Debbie was going to run errands. She went back into the house for her list; only to find the faucet to the washer going off like a geyser!
  3. Vern heard fire sirens, went out to see the neighbor’s garage on fire! The lint under the dryer had caught fire!
  4. Pat left a pot of chicken and a pot of beef she was making into stock, on the stove when she went to work. She had started them on high and forgot to reduce them to low. Laurel came home from school to find the house filled with smoke! Luckily, no fire, but what a mess to clean up the week before Heather was to be married in the living room!
The dishwasher and washing machine are now running and I am going to put my feet up and watch a movie.

 Have you noticed the Cluster Map?  I'm getting readers from all over the world!  Welcome!  Hope you stay and vistit a while.  Feel free to comment, I love feedback!  If you like the site, I encourage you to follow.
Thanks for stopping by.
Dinner tonight: Take out, I just don’t feel like cooking.


  1. I don't think I'm registered on your cluster map by the way--south of France. Or maybe you just get a dot for France?

  2. Sometimes it takes days for someone to register on the map. I just noticed my cousin in Arizona is finally registering and she has been reading since I started in February.
    Thanks for reading SIF!