Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Last Saturday in March

A beautiful, overcast Saturday; mild temperatures, and high pollen counts; punctuated by shrill barks from the Jipster.

Love eyes from Wolf as he snuggles down in my SSDI claim papers for a nap in the filtered sun.

All to the tune of Len & Bob calling the Cubs game.

We are taking it easy. Just doing some dishes and laundry that piled up while I was down with GERD complications. Got to get some bread in a little bit; they are open from 3pm to 5pm. To keep from having to stand in line (thus making my back hurt like hell) I wait until 3:30 – 4pm to leave. Selections aren’t as great as being there early, but who cares. I really just need two loaves and some French/Italian to make it through the week.

Tomorrow we are planning to get over to the Coast. Over to Newport and down to Yachats; we’ll have a little picnic. Probably, just sandwiches and chips. I remember one time we went to Golden and Sliver Falls State Park in Coos County, with saltines, slices of Tillamook Medium Cheddar, sweet pickles, and Kool-Aid. It was misting, the dogs got wet, we sat in the car fogging up the windows, smelling wet dog, eating our lunch, surrounded by trees dripping with moss and fern..

The west neighbors finally filled the hole in their fence with fencing. I had nailed some plywood up to the posts and they had leaned more plywood and trellis up against that. The dogs still found their way through. I am happy to say, the new fencing looks nice and is better than the pieces of plywood. The dogs don’t like it. Jip can’t see over the new fence from his position on top of Scott’s Mustang. (Mustang and Z280 are still for sale, all offers will be considered.)

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