Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stupid Mop

I was supposed to mop floors today. I can’t find the mop. No, really, I can’t find the mop. It’s a janitor’s model with a large YELLOW handle and a string head (that goes in the washer after every use.) It’s gone. I looked on the back porch, in the laundry room, in the back room, in the broom closet and no stupid mop! I have to mop the floors, they are gross. I have a Swiffer dust mop that doubles as a mop – great for nothing (it is going in the yard sale) and a Swiffer battery action mop (again, great for nothing, those stupid pads only clean a 10x10 ft already clean space before they crap out.)

I want my big mop to deal with the mud the dogs have tracked in during the past two weeks! WAAAAAA!

Alright, fine, I will take a breath, center myself, and tackle the kitchen counter. It is packed and ready to move out. A bag of potting mix, a jar of fertilizer, an empty pop bottle, dirty bowl, jar of dog treats (that, at least, is supposed to be there), 1/10 a bag of chips from the burrito shack, 2 dirty glasses, a used coffee cup, and a piece of foil used to warm some asiago foccacia bread.
Yes, that will make me feel better.

It has been raining so hard the driveway is flooded again. Just wear your high-top boots and high-wader pants to negotiate our little lake.

Dinner tonight: Hawaiian Pork Chops with Broccoli and Stir Fried Rice. Poop! I’m out of five-spice. Search the web and find a recipe. I may have enough spices to make a reasonable facsimile. Maybe. See Cooking in Nana’s Kitchen tomorrow for the final report.

Now that I have opened the curtains, the house is so much brighter. I am soaking up the rays through my eyes to the little glands in my head which will allow endorphins to circulate and make me feel happier and more energetic.

Of course, with the blinds open I see the windows need cleaning, there’s a new layer of dust to tackle, and the FLOORS. NEED. MOPPING.

Time for an apple and two slices of cheese.

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