Thursday, March 11, 2010

How a Picture of Lennon Led Me to Sugar!

Reading a book while wearing his mother's old shirt!

Loved those days of snuggling and reading books together! Nothing better for mother and child.

One afternnon she was trying to read her favorite book; I Am Adopted, to her grandma. She couldn’t get the book open. “Shit.”  She had a small, quiet voice.
Still trying to get the book open, “Shit.”
“Is she saying Chit? Susan, your baby is saying Chit.”
”Mom, she is saying shit.”
Mom was never able to use the word. She always said, ‘Chit.’
“This is horrible; you need to do something about it.”
So, I began to watch my language.

One day the three of us were visiting with Selene’s Great-Grandma Vesta, when she again said, “Shit.”
Grandma told a story on herself when she was a young mother. Seems Grandma (MY GRANDMOTHER) had a ‘potty mouth.’ Her first two children, Violet and Son (Les) had picked it up as well. The pastor was coming over for a visit and there were her two little babies saying bad words. Grandma rethought her language.
The next time she did something that made her angry or frustrated she changed her words mid-word and said instead, “Oh sugar in the gourd!”
The little ones began to laugh and so did Grandma. After that, Grandma worked hard on saying either ‘Sugar!’ or ‘Sugar in the gourd!’ By the time my mom arrived, she was number six; all the family was saying the sugar phrase.
I never heard my Grandma Vesta swear. But, I sure heard her sprinkle sugar everywhere she went.

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