Monday, March 8, 2010

Insomnia and Not So Stuffed Peppers

Oh dear God, I cannot sleep. I went to bed at 4:30 am yesterday and woke about 12:30 pm. I didn’t nap all day; I didn’t do much (I was just feeling too lazy and crazy.) I stayed up until 4:30 am today so I wouldn’t bother Scott. He is working a 12 hr day today. And here it is 6:40 am and I am wired!

My mind is not all that clear. Last night I was going to make Stuffed Peppers. I had the most beautiful red peppers and was slicing and dicing all the veggies; when I started cooking the meat in the fry pan. Then I added my veg and went, “@!%$^$%%^&%^#$”

 So I just chopped the rest of the peppers; added about half my stash (10) frozen, dried tomatoes (chopped); and three cloves of garlic, minced. Two cups of water and simmered until Scott got home. I made garlic bread to eat with it and sop up all the good juice. It wasn’t bad.

 Jip just erupted, barking at the western neighbor. Running out to get him, Rocky saw the nesting starlings next door. Now that he has seen the birds, he will spend the next six months barking at them. Rocky doesn’t like the starlings, and neither do I. I taught Selene to call them ‘damn starlings.’ Until my mom made her stop.

 The other birds Rock doesn’t get along with are the blue jays. A pair of scrub jays has been nesting in the Doug fir for over 15 years. (Either them, or their descendants.) Anyway, the birds dive at Rocky and he barks at the birds.

 When Wolf was an indoor cat, before he made a break for the wild outdoors, he would tap on the window as the jays would hop all over Cindy the rhody. It was a game. That is until Wolf went outside. He was walking along the drive when a bird flew overhead. Next thing, Wolf was spread eagle on the pavement screaming like a little kitten!

 Things to do today:
  • Get groceries why can’t we have a delivery service? When I was a kid, there were two grocery stores that delivered. Mom would just call in the morning and that afternoon here would come the grocery man with boxes tied up in string.
  • Call a SSD attorney about my disability being turned down. Everyone says they turn you down and then you get a lawyer and get the benefits. Okay, I’ll play the game.
  • Make a doctor’s appointment. I need drugs! Just flashed on Welcome Back, Kotter! John Travolta pretending to be a drug addict, “I need drugs. Give me drugs.” Still makes me laugh!


  1. Ugh! the whole get an attorney to fight for your rights. . .Why can't insurance companies and government agencies just be honest? We've got an attorney for my husband's insurance benefits after his accident here in France--after being told over and over that we simply couldn't trust the insurance companies to do the right thing. Oh, well.

  2. I know where you live things might be different. But when my disability was turned down and I appealed, I did not hire a lawyer. My doctor's detailed report was important to getting the disability approved. Blessings on trying to get what you are owed.