Sunday, March 28, 2010


Upside down day today. My bladder woke me at 4:17 am; Jip, hearing me up, decided he and Rocky needed a potty break. So we all got up, they went out and began barking. Crap. I slipped on my clogs and a sweatshirt; went out into the rain, found them fussing over a possum. It was playing possum, Rocky was easy to catch (for a change), we went back into the house.

 I finished a couple of surveys, was accepted for a week long survey that will pay $60, and earned $5 for the surveys I took.
So far this month, I have earned:
  • Opinion Outpost      $ 2.00      Need $5 to cash out
  • Surveyhead             $23.95     Need $25 to cash out
  • Ad Sense                $    .06     Need $100 to cash out      Total to date $.09
  • Amazon Associates $    .00
  • Google Associates   $    .00
  • Swagbucks 1214 total to date
Yup, I’m in it for the money ;)

Drank my coffee and ate breakfast while catching up on email, facebook, and blog reading and commenting. Went back to bed about 7am. Got up about 11:15am just as Scott was going to take a long nap.

I had a bad late afternoon and evening. Headache and anxiety. Got the bread – 3 loaves white, 2 loaves wheat, 2 loaves foccacia with cheese, 6 onion bagels, 1 angel food cake, 1 pound cake, 6 cake donuts, 5 honey mustard dips, 1 pint sour cream, 5 potatoes, 1 lb little mushrooms (I forgot to see what they were, but they were tasty in last night’s broccoli, ham & cheese frittata).

 Fixed dinner, watched the rest of  The Grand  (you might just like this one, it is funny and well acted, edited, and directed), tried to read a book, took my lorazapam and went to bed at 9pm.

Good news! Selene, Nate, and Lennon will be here for her birthday! Sounds like they have planned a BBQ at Debbie and Rob’s. I’m just a little upset they are planning to stay there as well. Something about thinking Lennon and the new pup, Kukka, would be too much for me to handle. I think it is really because here they would have to sleep on an air mattress and at D&R’s they get a real bed. Not to mention that poor little Kukka would be attacked by our cats; while Debbie’s cats will just hide from her.

 Whatever, I am going to demand our Grampy and Nana time with Lennon. Just the three of us snuggling and laughing together. It’s been FIVE months!

 Now, what do you buy for your 30 year old daughter? I have no clue, hopefully Nate has an idea or two.


  1. Hi, if your daughter likes to read, you could get her a book; likes music, you could get her a CD or if she likes to cook but is a busy woman, you could mix her up a batch of something home made that she can easily prepare.

    I'm sorry to hear your Sunday isn't going so well. I'm just taking it very easy this weekend. It is very overcast here today.

  2. You're doing great! A week long survey project sounds fun. :)

    Also, I want to comment under my blog name - - but you don't have the option of a name/URL. I hope you'll add that!

  3. I like to do survey projects sometimes too. I really would like to try that broccoli, ham & cheese frittata. (SOUNDS GOOD) I love trying new and exciting foods. You could give your daughter a nice Mother/Daughter necklace or bracelet to wear. HAVE A FAB DAY!!!

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