Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Before Spring

Just two more days until SPRING! I have been chronicling my blooming flowers for the past few weeks over on Chic Daisy. Due to my depression, what used to be glorious color is now just a few plants puttering along. I just didn’t want anyone to see me, so I let the yard go to ratpoopy.

The flyers from BiMart showed up today. They have flowers and herbs on sale. I think I will splurge a little and get some happy blooms.

We are not putting in a garden this year. Instead, I will grow some container gardens. I have several larger pots that will hold some tomatoes and peppers. And I will plant some pots in flowers for spots of color. Oh, there are some hanging planters in the back; I can fill those for the porch! For other ideas, stop by Chic Daisy.

It’s the day after St Paddy’s and traditionally we would be looking forward to some corned beef hash. Traditionally. When I opened the package of corned beef yesterday, it was fatty and very lean on the amount of meat.

I had just taken one mg of lorazapam and was not able to drive to return it to the store. So, I threw the meat into the slow cooker and hoped for the best. We were able to get two servings, just. So tonight will be baked, BBQ chicken and fries with a vegetable. I am about to post a recipe for Moroccan Chicken over on Cooking in Nana’s Kitchen. It was delish!

We have to trek over to Dad’s tomorrow. They got new carpet in the living room/den. Seems Dad caught the old stuff on fire when he cleaned out the fireplace. (I did the same thing here, only when the cord to the vacuum cleaner shorted out.) Anyway, he saved a piece out of the den for us to use in the bedroom. I thought I would cut a couple of pieces for each bedside, since I have a dust mite allergy and don’t want full carpet under the bed. The rest I will sell/give away in our garage sale.

I am planning a garage sale the first part of May. Going to get rid of the clutter, junk, and treasures we just don’t use anymore. The proceeds from this sale will go towards seeing the Cubs play the Mariners in June! Go Cubs!

Jip is hurting. I think he might have pulled a muscle while playing. He doesn’t want to be held at all. He still is jumping around and barking; so it can’t be that bad. I can get him to come to me with a treat, otherwise he just runs away and growls. When he lets me pet him, he is stiff and unyielding. If he is not better by next week, we’re off the vet.

Our little Emily of the now defunct Under $1000 a Month, her current A Fine Collection of Lint and Fuzz, and Wednesday’s Frugal Hack; is missing. She hasn’t posted in over a week now. She was reading and moderating comments back when her son was in a coma; so there are those of us who are worried about her. Even her husband, Dan’s Rants, is missing and not posting on his blog, Facebook, or Twitter. Hopefully all is well and they are on vacation or visiting relatives.

I’ve got a new book to review. Off to devour it and let you know if it would be worth your time to check out.

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