Monday, March 1, 2010

Mondays' Post

I am getting back to normal. Whew, that was one nasty bug.

I had to run to the bank today. I didn't have enough strength to get to the store. I'll try tomorrow.

Our little Emily, formerly from Under $1000 a Month, has given up her blog. She created a stir when she ungraciously thanked a reader for a new crib mattress. She said they were enjoying the box but would sell the mattress on craigslist. Then she wrongly attacked a poster in a vicious manner accusing her of shenanigans on another blog. She did later apologize to the poster.

Oh my, Emily has shown up again at her abandoned blog Emily's Belly Button, I was hoping she would take a rest, regroup, and come back more focused on her family.

Did anyone catch Jip in my photos at Cooking in Nana's Kitchen? He’s there, just look for him. I had just fed the dogs but Jippy seems to be insatiable. He grabbed up an errant tater tot the other night. It was just out of the oven and he was trying to juggle it and run to his hidey hole behind the couch to eat it. Rocky got one tossed to him. Good ol’ Rock, he lay down next to it and waited for it to cool.

It’s been a bad day. I got to the bank, took a nap, read, and rested. I’m still groggy and shaky legged from the virus. And I have to fix dinner. I’ll just pull out some of my pre-prepared food and we’ll have that and a hot vegetable.

Here’s hoping you have had a good day. Tomorrow is another day. Thanx to Scarlett.

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