Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and (Wo)men Often Go Awry

And folks that’s just how my yesterday went. I did get to Roth’s and BiMart, fixed Chicken-etti for dinner, and watched Lost, 19 kids, and Table for 12; but that was all I got done. My back was so sore I spent the rest of the time lying flat. My next doctor’s appointment is next Friday and I can’t get more muscle relaxers until then. So, it’s old fashioned care: alternate hot and cold, keep moving as much as possible, and take acetaminophen every four hours.

Today, I am going to baby my back. I’ll accomplish what I accomplish.

Chicken-etti wasn’t too bad; except Scott’s blood sugar was up to 362 this morning. He did eat seconds last night and that wasn’t such a good idea. Guess he liked it! I froze four lunches, out of the leftovers, for him. (At least those lunches are portion controlled.)


After six years we find out the reason for the island: To contain the ultimate evil. I did like Richard’s story. It helped to answer some questions. How the Black Rock got so far inland, how the statue was broken, why Richard never changed, how the Hanso Corporation is related to the island.
Will Evil-Locke really reunited Sun and Jin? Find out next week.

I watched as a venerable old big leaf maple, Acer macrophyllum, was cut down yesterday. Our neighbor, Norm, had the giant removed due to the problems it was causing to his house. The entire west side of his roof is green with moss and the shallow root system was creating havoc with his foundation. I don’t blame him. The tree was about 50 feet tall and three feet in diameter. He is not planning on replacing the tree; which is too bad; I could have recommended a multitude of better trees for his small back yard.

I'd let the dogs out, but the damn starlings are perched on the roof next door.  I just don't want to put up with Rocky and Jip barking and trying to jump 20 feet to get at them.  That reminds me, it won't be long before the Cedar Waxwings show up.  Love their neat looks and cheery voices, hate their holly-seeded poop!


  1. Sorry your yesterday was so bad. I hope your today went better. I don't know what your back problem is but I have a pretty bad one too. I find that if I exercise right away (slow stretches on one of those swiss balls), it really helps a lot. Do you have one of these? I know I often stare at mine or it stares at me, lol but when I do get to using it, I always ask myself why I don't use it more often.

  2. Thank you for your concern. I have lower back pain from two mishaps. Left side from falling while carrying a roll of carpet; right side from trying to pick up a box of china, that was too heavy. And now, I have developed hypertrophic arthritis in my spine.
    I don't have an exercise ball, yet. My doctor has recommended an old school Nordic-trac as well. I think I will try them both.

  3. Oh that sounds good! I'm glad you will do something like this. I think when we stop moving, we only get more stiff. I also recommend Celedrin. This is a new health supplement I've read about and it sounds great for arthritis. I've got my mom going on it. I haven't officially been diagnosed with arthritis but am pretty sure I have it and it's getting worse. It seems to run in my family in a very bad way. The Celedrin I've been on for about a week or so and I can feel it has made a small difference already which should improve over time.