Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Calm After the Storm

Wow!  We had a real wind storm last night!  The rain was blowing horizontally, right at the front window.  The top of the Quercus pulustris, Pin Oak, was bending over the roof!  I thought it would be a great time to air the house (it would only take a minute or two) instead I went to bed.  Lulled to sleep by the sounds of the wind in the bamboo.  I slept from 3am to 11am.  Not bad.
I just checked to make sure I spelled pulustris correctly.  I did.

I sent an email to many of my cousins letting them know about my blogs.  I also want to get back in touch with them.  I miss them.  It is hard when you grow up being so close to your family, then everyone's lives change and you lose contact.  This is another step in crawling out the of depression hole.  Of course, sometimes you take a step only to slide back two.  The goal is to keep trying.  I intend to keep trying until I get back into the sun again.

Rocky is playing 'keep away' with Jip.  I gave them each a treat.  Jip scarfed his right down.  Rocky is 'saving' his.  He is on the couch the the treat between his legs, guarding it.  Jip sits on the floor whining.  I tell Rocky to "eat it!"  He walks away from the treat and lets Jip have it.  Dog game?

What am I watching lately?  Red Dwarf, a British sci-fi show that makes Doctor Who look like Shakespeare.  Scott was dissing it, then he watched an episode.  Now, he understands.  It is funny! 
Dexter, the third season.  It doesn't seem to be as intense as the first two.  Dex is getting too normal, losing his edge.  But I still like it.
I am waiting for the next installment of 19 Kids and Counting.  I don't watch much 'reality' tv.  Little People Big World got evicted from the DVR this season.  Table for 12 is good.  I like the parents.  I do watch Top Chef and other cooking competitions. Otherwise, I stick to comedies and drama.

Todays goals:  Clean.  Clean.  Clean.  Fix dinner.  I have to get into the freezer to see what meat we have and I will plan from there.  Okay, pork chops, mashed potatoes, pickled beets, green salad.  And personal hygiene.  Sounds great.  First, breakfast.

Bedtime conversation:
Scott, "I heard on the radio that the average fart is 7 mph."
Me, "oh."
Scott, "And that sneezes can move up to 200 mph."
Me, "Be thankful for small favors."

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