Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just Another Day

If that ain't the pits.  I asked Scott if he wanted to go the Bend for the Super Bowl.  Yes, I know it will be played in Miami.  I just wanted to visit Selene, Nate, and Lennon.  That's when he explained that the new attendance policy does not allow him to take time off on a whim.  He has to request PTO three months in advance!  Whaaaaaa?  Well, crap.  So, we are saving his PTO for when we move.  In the meantime, I've go to figure a way I can get to Bend in my 24 year old pickup.

My '86 Dodge Ram Pickup with the Ram's Head Hood Ornament

In 2000, Scott found what I had wanted since the new style Ram pickups came out.  A used Ram pickup.  Wait, no, I wanted the new style Ram pickup with four wheel drive and the fancy diesel engine.  A purple pickup capable of scaling the Alps, in winter.  Fording streams above flood stage.  All the while towing a triple wide manufactured home.
He found me an old Ram 100.  2 wheel drive, limited towing potential, AM only radio. Elephant gray with burgandy interior.  And I fell in love.  Of course it could have been the percocet (he bought the truck while I was recuperating from surgery on my busted achilles tendon.)
I have been driving it for the past 9 years 6 months.  It was the best 30th wedding anniversay gift, ever!
I was in a parking lot one day, walking back to the truck, when I saw a couple of teens trying to break the ram's head onament off.  I walked up to them and said, "You want to see how that thing is fastened?  Hon' it is not going anywhere."
Those boys skeedadled away from there, fast.  skeedadled

Rocky was in an agressive mood earlier.  He saw the neighbor's cat in our yard.  Two dogs were walked by the house.  Same neighbor brought home a new front load washer and dryer.  He was at the windows, paddling at them, woofing, aggitated, nervous.  He would not calm down, so I used my Harry Potter wand.  It's really just a piece of bamboo, cut from our own bamboo hedge.  I never have to hit him with it.  I just point it at him, rude I know, and he calms right down.

Today's Goals:
Livingroom.  sweep, dust, wash furniture throws
Dinner.  Pork chops, spanish rice, beets
And get the bedding changed and washed.

Scott has confided that the one job he really wants is in Roanoke Va.  That is 2,854 miles from home!  It's a continent away.  Travel time is 44 hours.  It's a USDA Climate Zone lower; Willamette Valley is zone 8, Roanoke Valley is zone 7 (that is 10F colder.)  We're nestled between two mountain ranges, Coast and Cascade.  Roanoke is nestled in the Apalachains.  It rains in the summer there.  It is humid in summer.  And the people talk with a southern accent.
When do we leave?  I was hoping he would take a job in a bank on the coast.  We plan to retire to the coast and it would be fun to live there longer.  Oh, well, I will be happy anywhere we go.

The State of Oregon sent me a check for my milage to last months doctor evaluations.  Do I add it to the drill I want to buy or do I buy some new clothes?  Much to think over.

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