Friday, January 29, 2010

Sharing, Money and a Cat

I have begun sharing links to my blogs. I feel the need to share. Writing is cathartic. Scott says I am so much happier now, than just three weeks ago when I started.
He reminded me of a story in Asimov’s I, Robot (The Robot).  There is a man who visits his friends in the form of a hologram. He has agoraphobia. I remember not understanding the man’s condition and feeling sorry for him. I understand now. It is easier to make contact electronically than to come into physical contact. And any contact is better than none.

Have you noticed the difference in my blogs? I have begun to ‘monetize’. The ads you find on my blogs are chosen by me to help you find products and services I think are useful. Google Adsense runs ads that are geared to my readers. The reason for the ads is simple. Earning money is a great way to build self-esteem. It makes me feel as though I am contributing.
I plan on saving 50% of my earnings for our retirement home. The rest will go towards household expenses, i.e. Food, clothing, and entertainment. If I earn enough, I can restart the daily newspaper. Buy new flannel sheets. Get the chairs reupholstered. Trade in the old ‘elephant’ truck for one that will make it over the Cascades to see Lennon. Buy our dream retirement house. Take a trip to France, Sweden, Germany, and the Greek Isles.
The ads work this way.  The long bar ad is from AdSense, I get paid for the number of clicks. (Please do not go crazy with your clicks as this will invalidate my contract) Clicking once a day is helpful. I get commission on the other ads. Whatever you buy, I get a a small commission. Just click on the ad when you want to shop.  For instance, if you want to buy a DVD from Amazon just enter the Amazon site from my blog page. I want to thank you for your support gracious readers.

I have been experiencing pain since I went shopping on Wednesday. Guess lifting that dog food was not a good thing. I know I will get better. I’m getting ready to sleep around 9 pm and sleeping three or four hours. Then I am up two or three hours. Then back to sleep for about six hours. When I’m awake, I feel refreshed and ready to get things done. Until the pain stops me and I need to rest.

Speaking of pain. My migraine disappeared after taking two ibroprophen, one acetaminophen, and a cup of coffee. Yay!

I am working on a post of the Greatest Pet Moments Ever. Here is a preview from ‘Annie the Barn Cat –

One Halloween Annie caught a mouse. She walked up the east side of the house trilling, "Prou, prou." I met her on the front porch to praise her. The mouse was still alive, she began to play with it. Right then a dad walked up the front walk with his three year old son. I tried to get between the cat and the boy. He had seen the 'kitty' and was moving in. I looked his dad in the eye and shook my head. Just as Dad was trying to catch the little sweetie, I heard Annie crunch down on the mouse's head. By the time the little one reached the 'kitty', only a tail was visible in the corner of the cat's mouth. Dad and I both breathed a sigh of relief. Annie got petted by the little boy, who now had no interest in candy.

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