Monday, January 18, 2010

NOT a Manic Monday

In fact, other than the dogs racing in and out, it is a peaceful day.  I didn't wake up until 1:30pm.  I went to bed at 9pm last night, woke at 1am, was up until 4am, then back to bed.  When I woke at 1am, I had to blink my eyes a couple of times.  I couldn't see.  Had I gone blind?  No, the power was out.  We had a typical stormy Oregon night.  Lots of rain and wind equals no power.  It was off for 6 hrs 20 min.

I talked with Nate today.  I sure miss him.  Oh, I miss Selene and Lennon, too.  But Nate and I would sit and watch House Hunters and HHInternational, Mythbusters, and other inane prgrams and visit.  He's a good guy.  He hasn't found a job in Bend, yet.  He's busy being stay-at-home dad to 14 mo old Lennon; while Selene is an assistant manager at a local resort.  They went to Smith Rock today.  I understand they got a cute backpack for Lennon to wear and it has a leash to keep him safely close by while they hike.  They are coming over in the next week or so to get things they didn't take when they moved; like the high chair.  Can't wait.  And this will be the wake up call to clean the bedroom for them.  Don't need those dust bunnies scaring Selene out of a years sleep!

We didn't get out today.  I slept so long and Scott took a long nap.  Oh well, another day to try to get to Mac.

Other than playing with the dogs and loving the cats.  Not much to tell.  How about how the cats got their names:
  • Max - just a name I really like. In 2000 we found out Scott's sister Heather's cat, Samantha, was pregnant; I asked if I could have a kitten.  She said, 'Yes' and the rest is history.  We had our feral cat, Casper, and our rescue cat, Callie.  When Max moved in the other two cats watched him very closely.   Casper learned she could jump on me for snuggle time from watching Max.  Both of the older cats were still smarting from the death of our Netherland Dwarf bunny, Fiver.  But they warmed up to the little kitten.  Selene discovered she could put Maxies head in her mouth.  And she wonders why he is so strange?  Max is black and white, he talks and he rules the house.  He says, 'Mom' for Scott; 'Ma' for me, 'Ou' for out, 'Yeah' for yes, 'Na' for no, 'Ki' for kiss, and differing sounds for wanting to be fed and each of the other pets names.
  • Wolf - pronounced "Woof".  He's a gray tabby, with some Main Coon Cat in him.  He has the ruff, the 'pantaloons', hairy feet, and a 'rusty gate' voice.  He was named for a family joke.  2 year old Selene, 'Mom, wo'dna be funny if we have a cat named Woof, like "Peta and the Woof"?  12 years later, she bought him for me for my birthday.  She borrowed money from me to PAY for a cat.  We have NEVER paid for a cat.  They have always been free.  Anyway, her trip to Mill City paid off.  He's just a great cat.
  • Grover is hairier than Wolf.  He has a tail like a bottlebrush.  He is a long haired cat who hates to be brushed.  So I trim his claws before trying.  Grover was a rescue for Selene and Nate.  She brought him home one night and he promptly had diarrhea.  She spent her evening cleaning up the apartment and the cat.  When Nate got home from working 2nd shift, he held the cat while she wash the hindquarters.  Now the cat was named 'Jasmine'.  Selene discovered a 'little flap of skin girls just don't have.'  He was christened 'Grover' as he was always Selene's favorite Muppet.  He came to live with us when Selene was pregnant and has just stayed on.
Dogs Names
  • Rocky - I was looking for Chinese names for the new dog Selene was bringing us.  His mom was a boxer and his dad was a shar pei.  Scott dismissed the names.  I came up with Rocky, for Rocky Marciano, and Scott said okay, he was thinking of the Rocky movies.  So he's Rocky, Rockery Dockery, Rockumentary, Dork, Dorky D. Dorkleson of Dorkleson Inc. located in Dork Town, Dorkstate.
  • Jip - We thought we were getting a gray dachshund, but the breeder decided to keep her.  So Selene drove all the way to Mill City to buy a pup for Rocky's Christmas present.  Mom was beagle and dad was Jack Russell Terrorist.  Known in the trade as a "Jackabee".  Why would someone deliberately breed these two types of dogs.  He barks, he poops in the house, he jumps, he is so much my dog.  Anyway, since he was not the female dachshund (Dinah for Damn It Not Another Hound), I had to come up with a new name.  I tried several.  Since he had five spots on him, Scott and Selene wanted to call him 'Spot'.  Nope, I once had a cat named 'Spot'.  Besides, dogs named Spot remind me of the 'Dick and Jane' books.  Scott and I had learned to read from the Alice, Jerry, Jip, and people of Friendly Village.  That was IT!  So he's Jip, Jippeoo, Jip the dip, Jippididooda, Jip the yip.

So there you go.  Be seeing you.

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