Saturday, January 23, 2010

What Am I Watching?

I have found I can determine my mental state, by analizing the shows I am watching.  For instance, when I am down I tend to watch cooking shows.  Really Down::  make-over shows like:  Clean House and HGTV home doecorating programming,   Really, Really Down:  Landscaping Shows.  (When I am close to normal, landscaping shows make me really angry since the landscapers tend to go over the top.  And they use so many common plants.  They just don't go out of their comfort zone to show some of the less used plants gardeners may prefer.  And that is why I don't watch them, I get really, really rabid!)    ; )

Right now, I am as close to normal as I get.  And I am trembling in anticipation.  LOST! is coming back for the final chapter!  In just about 10 days we will get the answers!  In the second season, I was on several Lost boards.  We were all trying to come up with answers and reasoning of the show.  One thing I did notice, many of the posters were not well read.  Suddenly, everyone was reading the books found in the hatch or Sawyer was seen reading.  More people started reading religious material, looking for the clues.  If nothing else, Lost got people reading again.
And on the 31st, TLC is showing 19 Kids and Counting Very Special Episode.  It will cover the pregnancy and pre-mature birth of Josie Brooklyn Duggar.  If you don't keep up with the Duggars, well, you don't keep up with the Duggars.  While I don't agree with much of what they do, I will defend their right to say and worship in the way they choose.  Besides, I like to snark.

I DVR all my programs.  That way I can watch when I am ready. (And FF through the commercials, except the gecco ones. I watch the gecco.)  These are the shows I watch and Scott doesn't 
  • New Tricks, a British comedy about retired coppers solving old cases;
  • Castle, Nathan Fillion, you need another reason?
  • FlashForward, sci-fi and compelling; same with
  • Chuck
  • and Medium; 
  • The Office, I was a fan of the British original and this is better;
  • most any show with Gordon Ramsay, I know, he's a dick, but he can sure cook!
  • My Boys is off-beat and very funny;
  • Naked Archeologist is irreverent at times and full of historical data. 
Together we watch other shows.  We like sci-f/fantasy, funny comedies, some drama, and lots of science.  On Tuesdays we watch CSI: Miami during dinner and make fun:  "Look, another helicopter flying aimlessly."  "One person in a giant Hummer, who's paying for the gas?"  "They might wear gloves but that blonde's hair is going to contaminate that sample."  "Wow, is everyone in Miami in that DNA database?"  Of course we all know CSI's do witness protection, carry guns, ask illegal questions of suspects, question and badger suspects, right?
And we have viewing fests on Friday and Sunday, his days off.  We catch up on unwatched programs and watch our Netflix choices.  We are years behind on movies.  So a ten year old movie may be brand new to us.

Okay, yesterday I did not go shopping because of my untimely need to nap.  So, time to be a hunter/gatherer!

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