Monday, February 1, 2010

I've got a list of errands to run today, yet here I am posting.  Don't worry, I have time before the bank closes.
I posted before that Scott gets paid every other Friday now.  I forgot he also gets paid on the 1st.  That's his pension.  So, he asked me to do some errands for him.  Plus, I decided to do some shopping for me.  Oh, and we're out of coffee filters, too.
I am going to check my lottery tickets.  Scott's were the winners last week.  I have never gotten so much as a free ticket!  Yet, there is hope.
My reuseable bags are next to my purse.  My shopping list starts with "BAGS!"  I promise not to forget them going into the store!

My January income from my blogs is $1.46. 
Income break down:
Adsense - paid per click on the ads - $1.46
Google Affliliates - paid commision on purchases - $0
Amazon Affillliates - paid commison on purchases - $0
Swagbucks - matching Swagbucks for people joining - $0
  When you join Swagbucks from my blog page, I get matching Swagbucks up to 100, whenever you use the Swagbuck search engine and win Swagbucks!  So far, in just three weeks, I have earned 44 Swagbucks from my own searches.  One more and I qualify for a $5 gift card from Amazon.  I am saving up for a Kitchen Aid mixer!
My three blogs had a total of 404 viewings. Thanks to everyone who keeps up with me!

I am working on a book for Lennon.  I've taken a photo album and am filling it with pictures cut from magazines, old calendars, shapes from wrapping paper, and family pictures.  Just something he can play with.  Some of the picutres are very simple: banana, chicken, pear, various shapes in single colors.  Some are complex: vase of flowers, a person raking in a filburt orchard, harvesting wheat, butterfly shape out of marigold wrapping paper, rabbit shape out of pink flower gift bag. 
The family pictures are so he will know who we are when he next sees us.  I've got to get Selene's Christmas present finished before it becomes a birthday present!

Checking the mail everyday for my SS disability decision.  What I a m going through for just $300 a month. 

I'd better get going.  Payday = take out.

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