Monday, February 22, 2010

Alright, who said The Hangover was funny? We watched it last night and came to the conclusion either we were missing something or it was one boring movie.
Not to say the performances weren’t well done. Scott loves anything Heather Graham does. I feel she wasn’t used to her best work. Ed Helms wasn’t as funny as he is on The Office; I did like that he was allowed to sing, he has a nice voice. Jeffery Tambour was his usual well done performance; yet something was lacking. Zach Galifianakis gave a credible performance as Alan. I think I liked his character the best. But the best acting job fell to Rachael Harris. I hated her character, controlling little bitch, which is saying a lot for this movie.
Was it the directing that was bad? I felt the entire movie needed a nudge. I had no sense of urgency at finding Doug. The Blackjack scene tried to be Rainman, it missed. Was it the editing? Everything felt chopped; there was no continuity, no fluidity.
Better movies: Freebie and the Bean, Rainman, How to Murder Your Wife, What’s Up, Doc?, Ace Ventura: Pet Decisive, Sophie’s Choice, They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?, The Yearling, Beaches.

I got everything I wanted to get done yesterday, DONE! The bath is clean, I fixed three meals (and froze two of them), baked cookies, took the trash out, changed out the litter pans, read some blogs, thought a lot, and was nice to Scott. Sunday, check! Oh, tried to remove a knuckle while shredding cheese.

Today’s goals: Dining Room, Hawaiian Pork Chops, fiddle in the kitchen (I always find something to do), laundry, run to the store.

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