Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Blood Pressure is Up

Yesterday was a strange day. Scott has been sick for two days. Upper repertory thing. He’s miserable.

The neighbors were installing something on the roof of their house. Jip ran outside, around the front of the Mustang, jumped on the hood and began barking like all hell at the guy on a ladder. He absolutely hates anyone on a roof. When another neighbor was reroofing last summer; the dog was constantly in the front window barking and trying to control the situation.

Any way, Rocky and Jip were playing in the living room. I heard Rocky’s ‘necklace’ hit the floor and within a second there was a full-fledged dog fight! I got over there and caught Rocky’s ruff and held him down; then I got Jip’s ruff and put him down. Now, I am bending over the two dogs, holding them down face to face. Can we say vertigo? Yeah, I had to fight it because the dogs needed the intervention.
As soon as they relaxed, I let them go and walked away first. They both followed me, trying to placate me for them being so obnoxious. Rocky had a bite in his tongue that was bleeding, I took care of that. He also had a bite on his leg, just a bruise. Jip had Rocky’s blood on his neck, cleaned that up.
They have been very good since.

Last night we watched Traveler’s Guide to the Planets: Saturn. There was so much new information for us to digest. I loved the one comment about seeing the rings ‘dancing’ as the moons passed by them. It was too poetic.

And on Burned Notice, Bruce Campbell’s impersonation of Horatio Caine was perfection! But, boy is Brucie getting a gut on him. He’d better be careful or he will end up looking like me; too fat and too old.

Now for the rant of the day:

The Duggars. How those two-faced hypocrites can sleep at night is beyond me. Here they leave their family planning up to God (like She didn’t give us the brains to figure out where babies come from) and then have the nerve to say that the nurses and doctors caring for little Josiepussycat are a miracle.
No, those doctors and nurses are not a miracle; they are highly schooled and highly trained to care for your pre-term baby. They (and their parents) understand the reasons for schooling beyond the fourth grade.

When Jippidooda told his daughters; told his daughters, they were going to give blood; I had a major blood pressure problem. He TOLD his two adult daughters and two teenage daughters they were going to give blood. I know. The Patriarch did not give his daughters the grace to ask them to donate; he told them, straight out, donate. He read some biblical passage to back his demand and said they were going to donate because little Josiepussycat (oh, and others in need; in a postscript) needed the blood.

How dare he! Well, I know how he dares; he dares to pimp them out on TV every week for the 20 pieces of silver. Then, he turns around and tells people to get rid of their TV’s because TV is evil.

Oh, his wife, DQ (Dairy Queen), is shown in the hospital praying for their little micro-preemie (I have nothing against quiet, private prayer) which touched my heart until she started talking in that demented baby-doll voice. Woman, stand up and start talking like an adult.

Growling now. Why does their education have to stop with a GED at 16? Way back when, some of the girls wanted to be nurses or midwives. We don’t see them getting a chance to get out of their servitude until they marry and start their own jinormous family.

Alright, that’s enough for today. Tune in next time for something a little different.


  1. Ugh, well said. I missed the giving blood thing. I can't stand the Duggars, and I live about 10-15 minutes from them (house to house, not town to town). :P :P