Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lostday 3, 2010

The past two days have been ‘Bad Days in Black Rock.’ My nerves are thin, I keep yelling at Jip for barking; I am wanting to sleep, my left hip and knee are killing me from the way I slept last night; I can’t think to write much; and I can’t seem to get started on my housework. Okay, I’ll just sit back and watch whatever I can stand on the DVR or computer. Which isn’t much.

The only redeeming grace today is LOST and 19K&C. I will get into LOST but before it is over I will pause it and wander off to do something else. 19K&C will probably get me riled up over the Duggars just not using common sense. Like the way they feed babies with serving spoons, directly out of the can, while the little one is lying down on the couch; or how the younger boys run roughshod over the house and their younger sisters.

I’ll fix dinner tonight. I’m thinking Tuna Pot Pie. Probably will make Tuna and Vegetables in a chicken based white sauce with Baked Biscuits on top. I can’t think ahead to do the recipe for Cooking in Nana's Kitchen. I’ll have to do that later.

Neighbors to the east have complained about the height of the bamboo. I have to get out and cut back about 15 linear feet of 30foot high bamboo and clean that up. I peg that for tomorrow and beyond. 30 minutes a day until it is finished. Look for more on Chic Daisy when my brain gets back in gear.

Sorry for the downer today. We’ll hope for better tomorrow!

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