Thursday, February 4, 2010

Better Living Through Electricity

Does anyone remember Reddy Kilowatt? 

Just having a retro moment.

We had take-out Chinese tonight.  We're going to Los Baez tomorrow. 

I have been very introspective the past few days.  I am working on a three part post on my life with endometriosis.  I was diagnosed 25 years ago this month.  I don't want to go into it right now.

We watched Lost tonight.  Scott for the first time and me for the second.  I caught Jack finally realizing he can't save the world when he said there was nothing he could do for Sayid. 
Scott thinks that now Smokey Joe is John; Sayid is now Jacob.
Did you see the hour glass had black and white sand? 
Is Kate going to seduce Sawyer again.  Gad, I am tired of that triangle.
I teared up at Juliette's death.  I could console James any time.  Any time. 

Wow, Dexter season 3 started off with less edge than before and now almost two thirds through; it has edge and then some.

Red Dwarf season 7 is strange.  First off, Cat is now a pilot.  When did Cat outgrow is self-absorbtion?  He wore the same costume twice?  Not the Cat of old.  Not to mention the new Kolchanski is an officer?  I liked the old Kolchanski with her bleach bottle blonde hair and sass to meet Lister's crass.

Got to make out the shopping list and run the dishwasher.  I wonder, are there little housekeeping fairies about?  I could use about a half dozen.

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