Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday is garbage day. Last week Scott got the kitchen garbage out to the can. On the way to work, he remembered he didn’t get the can to the curb. Of course, he didn’t think of calling or emailing me from work so I could have gotten the trash out. Today, I noticed he got both the trash and recycling out to the curb.

I remember when the trash collectors came up to your house to pick up the cans. They carried the cans out to the street, dumped them in the truck, and replaced them back at the house. In the ‘60’s it was fashionable to recess your can into the ground. Oh, the trash collectors hated those cans.

Last night, right at bedtime, the dogs cornered a possum in the shop. The barking, the growling, the stench of scared possum and me in the middle trying to catch some part of Rocky to pull him off. Rocky's head has the Shar Pei 'sandpaper coat'  but the rest of him is a slick coat on a well muscled body.  Other than his 'wrinkles around his face and throat and his collar; there is nothing to grab on to.  I finally caught his ‘stub’ and pulled him back to where I could get his collar. Then I had to maneuver him out of the shop where he escaped and began running around the outside of the shop. In the meantime, Jip was barking at the top of his lungs; letting everyone in the neighborhood another possum was about to bite the dust.
About then Scott came outside and tried to direct traffic around the shop. He tried to close the shop door, “Please don’t, there’s a live possum in there and I want it out.”
So, he stood guard at the door, keeping the dogs out. Finally, I convinced Jip to go ‘in the house’ where he stopped barking. Rocky was still riled up and was squeezing between Scott’s clunkers and the fence to keep from going in. He relented when I used my really pissed off dog owner voice. Once he was in the house, Scott came in. I was already headed for the bedroom, “I’m going to bed!”

If you know anyone in Oregon or Washington, who wants an ’80 something Mustang or a 280Z leave a comment. We want them gone. I am tired of Jip jumping on the Mustang and barking at the neighbors; Rocky cornering cats and possums under both cars; and the general ‘redneck’ vibe the cars bring. I will not publish e-mail addresses or phone numbers. The comments on this blog are moderated.

Today my goals:
  • Vacuum and dust the living room
  • Put my crafting stuff away in the ‘crafting room’ (Selene’s old bedroom)
  • Fix dinner – Lloyds Barbeque Pulled Pork sandwiches with lots of homemade coleslaw with apples and a carrot.
  • Do the dishes after dinner.

 Almost forgot, the new replacement toothbrush heads are sooooo nice. Since using the Sonicare, our dental hygienist doesn’t have much work to do on us. It really works on keeping plaque away. I have a crossed tooth on the bottom and the Sonicare keeps the plaque at bay. Love it!

Dog commands:
Go in the house
Go to bed
Lie down

Sit up
Shake hands
Off (me or furniture)
Down (quit jumping on people)
Quiet (least effective)
Get you nose out of that (ususally a cat's rear-end)
Kiss (Rocky doesn't kiss, he may give a lick to your hand, but no kisses)
Stopping Kissing (Jip gets carried away)
Be the baby (Jip lies down on your chest, cuddles, and tucks his head under your chin)

With that sweet note, it's time for breakfast.

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