Friday, February 19, 2010


Our neighbor came by to let us know our bamboo hedge was causing problems for his house. Seems the leaves fill the gutters and he is having water leak into his garage. So, I agreed to cut the bamboo from its current height of 30’ down to less than 10’.

As is normal, when Scott heard about it he decided he would do the job. So, right now he is cutting back the hedge height. This is what is upsetting me. I could have gotten it done over the next week but Scott wanted to do it right now.

I hurt my back yesterday when I carried in a 30’ bag of cat litter. Again this is something that bugs me, if I leave things in the truck for Scott to bring into the house he has a snit fit. So I end up bringing in bags of groceries that are too heavy for me.

There’s only about 15’ of Phyllostachys nigra but that is leaving a lot of bamboo top to haul back to the garden. I don’t know what we will do with the bamboo. I may just burn it during burning season. Please don’t get upset, there is a lot of bamboo, a lot of bamboo.

I helped with dragging the bamboo tops back to the garden where we’ll leave it. The remaining stumps of bamboo are pretty bare right now. Usually the bamboo will grow new leaves lower on the stump and fill in so we don’t have to see the neighbors’ storage area between our fence and their garage.

All is better now. We talked it over and ordered dinner from our favorite pizza place; Canadian bacon, pepperoni, pineapple, and tomatoes cooked on; with one order of spuds and a 2 liter Diet Pepsi. There’s enough left over for my breakfast tomorrow. We also watched Couples Retreat. Not a bad movie, but not the best either.

When we came back into the house Jip had pooped in the entry. As I was cleaning that, Grover came walking by me with poop stuck to his long, hairy bottom. There was still a bad odor. Scott looked at his shoes; he had stepped in dog poop in the backyard. Here we had been outside enjoying the clean fragrance; only to come inside to what smelled like a privy. Good times.

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