Monday, February 15, 2010


Crappy Weekend! I had a virus. Fever dreams, fever, sleepy, nausea, not much interest in anything. All is better today. Still a little tired but have already done a load of laundry, filled the dishwasher and am running it, did a sink full of dishes, wiped down the stove and some countertops. So, today I will get some of the things I didn't do while moaning and groaning.

Dad was sick as well, I’ll call him later today to see if he survived. I haven’t talked with my sisters for a couple of weeks; better check in to see what’s going on as well.

On TV (dvr) we noticed that Leverage was filmed in Portland. Scott noticed old Multnomah Stadium (PGE Park) before I did. Then, I saw the Steel Bridge. Oh boy, that’s the Fremont Bridge. Yup, it’s Portland! I think we spent more time looking for local landmarks than watching the show! The best bit of the show was when Eliot and Alec showed up at the mayors’ house. The young man playing the cop was excellent! Watching him crawl over the carpet looking for fibers, interacting with the other actors, his expressions, wonderful! May he go far in his chosen craft.
We never get tired of the way Psych pokes fun at The Mentalist (a copycat of Psych; though The Mentalist is really a drama. What with the whole show being about Patrick Jane and his desire to bring ‘Red John’ to justice.) Anyway, loved it when Shawn Spencer was going off on a rant and included Simon Baker.

With just a few programs showing fresh epies during the Olympics; we of course will be watching the Olympics. 1960 Summer Olympics were the first Olympic Games I ever noticed. We were too busy playing to pay much attention to them. I know Mom loved the swimming events.

It was 1960 that it snowed during Spring Break. Daffodils were blooming and we had 18 inches of snow at our house! Uncle David showed us how to roll a snowman. We played ‘Snow War’ with the neighbors. I got hit in the face with a snowball and was blinded for the afternoon. Not to mention, it HURT! I remember Dad playing his s’no jokes on five year old Debbie and six year old Shelley. “Yup, there’s s’no worms when it snows.” Debbie and Shelley went between panic over worms in the snow to curiosity as to their color and size. At 9 and 10, Peggy and I were doubled over in mirth at our younger sisters and their naiveté.

Today’s goals:

Change the bed and clean the bedroom
Clean the bathrooms
Change the litter pans
Finish the laundry
Personal hygiene

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