Friday, February 5, 2010

Espresso Laced Chocolate is Not a Great Nighttime Snack

I could not get to sleep last night.  I went to bed at 3 am and tossed and turned.  I think I fell asleep around 6 am.  Rocky woke me at 9 am barking.  Up until 11 am, slept 'til 3 pm.  I am exhausted and plan to be in bed by 10 pm.
Couldn't figure out why I couldn't sleep.  I took all my pills, two of which are supposed to make you sleepy; yet I was totally conscience.
Then, Scott and I went out for dinner at Los Baez; and on the way we were talking about chocolate.  He was saying he needed to get more sugar free candy.  I said I had bought some Giardelli Dark Chocolate bars and had enjoyed the Espresso flavored bar last night. 
Yup, smacked my own forehead.  Tomorrow I am going to break one up in my morining toffee coffee for an extra boost.

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