Friday, May 14, 2010


Lost. So we got to see Jacob’s and MIB’s back-story. This answered the question “Who were ‘Adam & Eve?’ but left us with, ‘Who was Mother and where did she come from?’ Yes, ‘Was Mother really Smokey Joe?’ AAAArrrrrggggg!

I have so many questions from the past six years. I can’t remember some of them. Just three more hours to go. I have a dreaded feeling that not all of my questions will be answered. And where is Walt?

On other fronts. The weather is sublime. Today is a ‘getting out and doing some potting day.’ I have 10 cubic feet of potting mix. I forgot to get the manure so I’ll run to Wally World today and get some when I pick up more dog food. Man those two can eat.

There are squash in the garage that are molding. I’ve got to get those out and into the garden area. Poor next habitants of this house. They will be getting strange garden plants for eons!

I found some half finished posts and thought, “Why not throw them in here today?” Good luck, they are just short pieces of string.

About April 13th
We did have fun. Selene and Nate dropped him off Sunday and continued over to the Coast to celebrate Selene’s b-day. Grampy and I doted on the little fellow and had a great time.

Lennon is starting to talk up a storm. He said ‘Grampy’ much to Scott’s delight. I asked him if he had farted, after checking out his diaper, and he answered ‘I no do that.’ Plus he is strong! He was doing one-armed pull-ups on the high chair!

All was well, until he learned to climb on the dining table. I thought Scott was going to have a heart attack over that one. Later, I found the dear sitting on the dishwasher door using a spoon (clean) to tap on an egg cup. He closed himself in rooms, climbed furniture, lined toys up on the windowsill, dropped slate coasters on the wood floor, snuggled stuffed animals, hugged live animals, kissed a lot, sang songs, read books to his grandparents, ate everything in sight, and was generally happy, loving, and the best grandson in the world!

We got him down about 10pm and he slept until 3:30am. I got up with him then because Grampy had to get up at 4:15am and I thought it would be nice if he could get the extra sleep. At 6am he finally fell asleep again. At 9am he woke up and we started our day. (Nana only got about four hours sleep, oh well.)

Then last night we met up with family and friends at Los Molcajetes restaurant in McMinnville to celebrate Selene’s 30th! 30 years!

From Mid-March
One summer, while I was home with vertigo, I emptied the coat closet and the hutch closet so I could put in organizers and wallpaper. (I had found a couple of dollar rolls of shabby chic style, blowsy rose wallpaper. I used it because I wanted to paper the walls of the living room and Scott about choked on the thought of a PINK living room!)

In the meantime, our living room and dining room became the 'amazing maze' of junk and necessities while I completed the task. You took your life into your own hands when moving about. Never knew if a pile of stuff would disintegrate onto you!

When I drilled holes into the coat closet for the new organizer, I pulled bits of fiberglass insulation out with the drill bit. Great, now I had those itchy bits in my feet. I don’t think Scott appreciated the vinegar smell from when I dosed my feet to try to melt off the fiberglass.

That’s what I have found so far. More to come later.

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  1. I had a smile at your stories of your grandson and your renovations. Those are the kind of things that fill our lives and we need to enjoy them on our journey of life. You write well and in an entertaining fashion :-)