Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jip is Pulling on the Slip-Resistant Dots on the Bottom of My Socks

Happy Mother’s Day! NOT! I was up for an hour when I was hit with the ‘Sleepies’. The next 48 hours were spent either half awake or full asleep. We ended up eating KFC instead of Mo’s. Then last night we had Dominos ‘cause I wasn’t running on all 6 burners.

Things are better today. I HAVE to get to the store for a few things. Cat food is running out. One thing we don’t need is hungry cats! Max gets irritable, so what’s new? Well, Wolf gets irritable and his mew is something like a rusty gate, not a sound you want to hear much.

The daycare next door is taking advantage of the 72F weather today. The kids are playing in the backyard. Jip wants to be in our backyard; but he barks at the kids. Of course, the kids think that is great. They are the only ones in the neighborhood who think so. So, poor Jip is confined to the house until 5pm when the kids go home. Then, he barks at the neighbor’s comings and goings!

I am also in the beginnings of a fibro flare. My left elbow started hurting on Friday. By Sunday it was totally immobilized by pain. I kept using it; using my right hand to move it, gently pushing and pulling the joint. Today, it is better; I can put it up to my mouth and use to lift light things.

My body feels like I over-exercised a day or two ago. Add to the sore muscles my damaged joints that are extra special sore and you get a woman who just wants to soak in a hot tub. Oh well, guess I’ll try extra walks and stretches. Get those endorphins moving and that will lessen the pain.

The house hunt continues. I have found some houses on Craig’s List that would work for us. So, I just hope something is available come August 1.

Plus there is still so much packing to do. I have decided to pack what we are taking and leaving the stuff I want to sell right where it is. Hopefully, that will make it all easier. Now to get some boxes and tubs!

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