Wednesday, May 26, 2010


After six years I feel the LOST ending was just right. All the minutiae of the show, the internet webisodes and games, and the discussion boards (yes, for season 2, I was ISawyerFirst) comes down to one important thing: Jack Sheppard, the tortured soul, finding resolution to his life.
Jack was not my favorite character. He was whiney, controlling, unsure, overly confidant, and a major pain in the butt. But it was obvious, that in the scheme of the show, he was the major character. Everyone else in the ensemble cast was to support Jack through his journey.

While I do not subscribe to Purgatory, and do not think the waiting room where they all met up is Purgatory, I understood the waiting room to be a place where everyone gets to achieve their life’s most cherished desire before realizing there is something even better beyond.

Lost is over. We have spent six years caught up in its web. For me, that was time well-spent.


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