Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday, Monday

AAAAArrrrrrrggggg!  There are sugar ants in the bathroom!  Usually these show up only in the kitchen, which means there's another nest somewhere.  Gross!
But not as GROSS as finding carpenter ants in the livingroom and kitchen!  I HATE carpenter ants!
Carpenter Ant Stories:
Way Back When, we lived in an old house in Myrtle Point.  One beautiful day, we got up to find the wall between the kitchen and bathroom black with HUGE, crawling, winged ants.  I pulled out the vacuum cleaner and sucked them up.  Then I was off to the store to buy bug spray!  The worst part, our landlord laughed!  All I can say is GROSS!  Those stupid ants continued to hatch over the next three days.  GROSS!
Several Years Later, we lived in a house on Ash St.  All was well until the day I was changing clothes.  I put my top on and got a horrible burning bite on my chest.  I could then feel the insect legs walking on me!  I pulled the top off and found a carpenter ant had just taken a HUGE bite out of me!  I squashed it to smithereens.  The landlord had the house sprayed and the spray was horribly smelly not to mention is now outlawed because of being a carcinogen!  YUCK!
The only good part of all of this is, it is no longer our problem.  Let the dweeb who buys this money pit deal with it!

In other bad news, I am experiencing the worst fibro flare ever.  I couldn't even chop an onion on Saturday because of the pain.  The pain is relentless and wakes me from a good sleep.  I am doing my best to keep moving and getting those endorphins cruising along.  I also e-mailed my doctor about some pain meds.

Leaving everyone with GOOD NEWS!
Nate has a job!  Not the one he wanted, but he has such a great work ethic he'll move up in no time!
Selene has joined the Roller Derby!  Okay, it is a local group of armatures.  She has always loved skating, she used to play Roller Hockey on a local team.  Here's rooting for her!

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