Saturday, May 1, 2010

No I'm Earning the Big Bucks

Since my blogging is all about the Benjamins (snarf, giggle, chortle, goof) I thought I would add up what I have made since I began blogging January, 9, 2010. These are the most up to date figures.

I first began with Google Ad Sense: $2.38

Then I added Google Affiliates: $0

Amazon Associates: $0

Swagbucks: ~$20 in Amazon Gift Cards

Surveyhead: $25 Amazon Gift Card + $32.95 pending

Outlook Outpost: $23.40

Grand Total: $70.78 or $103.98 with pending monies

Oh yeah. I am in it for the $$$$$! I am saving up all the gift cards and money for a Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer. Cost: Just under $300. So I am 1/3 of the way there! I am hoping to have enough to get the mixer as my Christmas present to ME!

I am finding that the surveys are earning me the most money. I am happy with that. That money I am actually earning.

Oh well, if this keeps up, maybe I’ll be buying that beach house in La Paz BCS sooner than I think!

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