Friday, April 30, 2010

Mother's Day Sales Pitch!*

Mother’s Day is May, 9th. Just a reminder. Just a hint. Just a request. Yep, if you have a mom, are married to a mom, or just like a mom, then you might want to get that mom a gift.

A gift does not mean a gigantic, huge, expensive something that will take up more room than is available, make her smell good until she realizes she’s allergic, taste so yummy and then adds on pounds and pounds, is really just an excuse to upgrade an appliance she uses to do her housework, nice to look at for a few days and then dies. No a gift is from the heart. It is something that makes her feel appreciated and loved. It need not be expensive, brand new, or the latest style.

So what am I talking about? And not my favorite gift of compost or bark for the yard. Yes Scott has bought both and a load of manure to boot. Got to love a man who knows where my interests lie.

I was reading Brown Thumb Mama’s blog and she suggested magazines. Yay! It’s new every month. Keeps me happy while I pursue the pages for ideas and suggestions. I can recycle it by giving it to a friend, donating to the library, or drop it into the recycle bin. No left-overs there. Just get her one that suits her style!

Of course, I can always dream of the big-a** Kitchenaid mixer! I am saving up towards one with my Amazon gift cards I get from doing on-line surveys and using Swagbucks search engine and toolbar. So far, I have earned $65 towards mine. With $75 in just the past month from the surveys. But, if someone were to buy me one; I would not complain!

How about a new pair of shoes or handbag? Don’t know her size, give her a gift card and shop together. I know Selene loves cute shoes and purses. And I know Nate has paid more for one purse than I have paid in the past 10 years total. She is one spoiled Mama!

See how frugal can be fun! I will earn that mixer by my work on surveys, using Swagbucks, and convincing my readers to buy products I list in and around my blog. Thank you for your support. Does Bartles & James even exist anymore?
*yes this is an ad! If you order any product from Amazon, by going through the portals I have posted here, I will earn a small percentage of your order. Small percentage. And that will go towards that fabulous mixer!


  1. I forgot to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. I hope you get some small gift you will enjoy :-)

  2. Sorry. I already bought a gift locally. I bought one of those porcelain tea mugs with a removable porcelain tea strainer (substitute for a tea ball) and a matching cover. Mom's help broke the beautiful tea pot I bought her and they don't carry another one like it at the store where I got it. She will like the new mug though. It will help keep her tea warm enough to enjoy as she often falls asleep during the tea drinking and relaxing process.

  3. Oh, Joyful, that tea mug is a great idea. I gave one to my late MIL years ago. She loved using it so much the porcelain strainer turned brown!
    Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes. Scott & I plan on a picnic at the coast since Selene, Nate, and Lennon will be in Idaho with friends. We keep low-key for most holidays.

  4. The beach picnic sounds divine. I'm sure it will be so enjoyable and romantic ;-)

  5. We gave Mr Brown's mum an 80kg bag of Dynamic Lifter (fancy cook poo) for her brithday once - give the gift the person wants, not what you think she should have!