Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter and Lennon

We had a wonderful weekend! There was a family Easter dinner at Debbie and Rob’s house. We were the first to arrive. We got to see Lindsay and Kelsey open their Easter Baskets. It was too funny, them being 25 and 23 respectively. They just wanted the candy.

Dad and Dorthy arrived next; with three pies! Dorthy made two lemon meringue and one cherry. She has the lightest hand with a pie crust and her lemon meringue is totally homemade and delish!

We were all having a good visit, the guys in the living room with the game and the gals in the kitchen with the food.

When Selene and Nate arrived with Lennon, the entire party rushed to the front door to greet them. It’s been five months and they are sorely missed.

When I got there, Lennon was at Debbie’s hutch talking to the rabbits on display. I said, “Hi.”

He turned, held his arms out, and I picked him up. I got the best hugs and kisses from him. I honestly started to cry.

Oh, how I have missed his sweet smell and soft skin. I was surprised that he remembered me. He hasn’t seen me since just after his first birthday. We have talked on the phone at least once a week. Anyway, it was like we had never been parted. After our greeting, I stayed back to allow his great-grandparents and great-aunt and uncle to fuss over him.

Back home there was a real problem. Jip took offense to Lennon’s new puppy, Kukka. He kept barking ferociously at her; we had to keep him leashed. It was not a pleasant evening. Poor Kukka had to be either in her crate or outside; or Jip had to be in the bedroom barking and pawing at the door. It’s my fault, due to the depression and agoraphobia I haven’t socialized Jip enough. Rocky and Kukka made fast friends right away.

Monday, I watched Lennon while Selene, Nate, and Kukka went to the coast. We had so much fun laughing, talking, and snuggling. I thought I had baby-proofed the house, but of course Lennon found everything I forgot about. Like the pot made of Buena Vista clay, family heirloom don’t you know.

They stayed at a friend’s house last night and came by to say goodbye this morning. I can’t wait until next Sunday. We will have Lennon Sunday and Monday while Selene and Nate spend the night at the coast. Oh, happy day! Then there will be Selene’s b-day party Monday night. I will be in Lennon heaven!

Petting a happy Max - the only picture I got this weekend. 


  1. I love to see children being gentle with animals, they so often aren't. Looks like he's been properly socialised anyway :)

  2. Yes, he's socialized. He has the scars to prove it!

  3. Sounds like you had a great Easter. Love the cat.